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Esoteric & Controversial Tip


After having gone on holiday for 9 days....and subsequently taking a BREAK from all things...including what has unwittingly become a relentless and expensive pursuit of all things audiophile, a wonderful thing happened....

The day after I returned home... I fired up my little brit-fi 2 channel system, DAC, and macbook....loaded a 96/24 song...and was nothing short of *amazed* at how good my own little system sounded!!!!!

After having not had the opportunity to do any critical music listening for over a was a sort of mental vacation.... it has refreshed myself and I am truly thankful for the system I have built.

Before my vacation, I was fairly disappointed in its soundstage depth and frustrated with having to change my speaker placements to sacrifice bass extension vs. soundstage....

But now.... I just find it truly a wonderful experience and again am very happy and pleased with my purchases that I spent a significant portion of time, money, research & intellect in assembling.

What I am saying is: maybe TAKE A BREAK if you are frustrated with your may be surprised at what you come back home to and miss.

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ps. I've also included my final gallery post of my Creek setup. This is my optimal listening position. Notice speakers fairly far from wall and chair close. Excellent soundstage. Finally reached nirvana. :)

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Agreed Ron-

Agreed Ron-

in this day and time, we all experience sensory-overload every day. Intentional or not...

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