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Audioquest / Monster for computer audio?

Audioquest / Monster for computer audio?

I've heard both sides re: cables and am new to this audiophile stuff. Some people say it doesn't make any difference. Others say it does.

I'm using a late '13 iMac, Audioquest Dragonfly 1.2, w/ Klipsch 2.1 computer speakers and an Audioquest Cinnamon ethernet cable with an Arris/Motorola SB6141 modem and the PPC RG6-(copper plated) from my ISP. Also Pure Music from Channel D.

Will it make a difference to upgrade the RG6 to Audioquest (VSD-1(silver plated), VSD-3(silver plated), VSD-5(pure silver) or

Monster cable RG6-(pure copper)??

Is there a filter or conditioner to use coming out of the wall to make the signal better to pass through to your set-up?

Also, I've been using the Audioquest Cinnamon ethernet for a while now and haven't noticed any differences. Is this even the correct application for this cable?

I appreciate any and all feedback.


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It will make no difference

It will make no difference with your very entry level system. The best thing you could do is snap up a $49 Audioquest Jitterbug and place between the USB port and directly to the Dragonfly. Your computer is noisy. This will clean it up, I am privileged as a reviewer and have a AQ Jitterbug prototype. It is not out yet. Two weeks it will be available-buy it, happy listening

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RG6 is RG6.

Any RG6 will do the job fine.

One ethernet cable is pretty much the same as any other, unless you are running over 50 feet or more. For extreme lengths the cable quality could affect signal quality.

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