Magnepan 0.7 loudspeaker

The main joy of returning to audio and writing for Stereophile is the pure fanboy excitement of meeting the folk-heroes of high-end and getting to talk them. In one great-sounding room I got to meet three at once: Wendell Diller of Magnepan (one of the nicest humans in the audio schema) as well as Bill Conrad and Lew Johnson of Conrad-Johnson.

Magnepan was introducing the new .7 loudspeaker ($1400/pair), which is a scaled down version of the popular 1.7. I have always found Magnepan's entry-level offerings, the Magnepan MMG ($600/pair) and the earlier SMGa, to be among the highest value, best looking loudspeakers of choice for the budding audio enthusiast. Many times I have recommended these small, made in Minnesota, flat-panel speakers to friends. But now, it seems I will have to encourage my buddies to save up a little more and try the elegant (and more exciting) .7s.

Here in Vegas, the brand new Magnepan .7s were being driven by 135W Conrad Johnson MF2275 amps and I would describe the sound of this combo as rich, elegant, and doing great justice to the detailed inner workings of the soundstage. This appears to be a speaker that will play my Satie and Stockhausen with understated finesse. Speaking of finesse, the .7s were accompanied by their optional little "Bass Panel" ($800) partner that adds more surface area, weight and drive to the lower frequencies.

I am alive!!!!!

Like the Magnepan company, I am from the Mid-West and many of my New York friends would describe me as a sort of gullible guy. However, as I was leaving this room Mr. Lew Johnson (above) stopped me and asked me to take his picture. He told me there were rumors circulating that he had died. I was like, "What?" But he insisted it was true and made me promise to publish his photo, with an "I am alive!" caption. Hey everybody, sing "Hallelujah!"

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That is Andy Kaufman in the "Lew Johnson" photo.

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Is there a review coming anytime soon?

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I heard that rumor too,
Glad to see it isn't true,
You look great, looks like you lost lotsa wt.,
Nice going.

Tony in Michigan

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When you're a cadaver. The pounds just fall off.

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