Antelope Audio Zodiac Platinum DAC & 10M Clock

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the Antelope DAC with its Acoustically Focused Clocking technology earlier this year, especially with headphones. And now the company has made good on its promise to release the companion 10M Clock which Antelope claims is 100,000 times more accurate then the Platinum's built-in ticker.

The 10M uses a non-radioactive rubidium core enabling accuracy to 0.03 parts per billion (which adds up to about 1 second of deviation every 1,000 years).

By itself, the 10M retails for $8995, but bundling with the Platinum DAC (normally $5,500) brings the price to $12,995. Available now.

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That makes it about the same price as the MSB Analog with Power Supply & Volume .
Four times the Yggy, 5x the Antelope Pure2 with the Isochrome clock.

Where is all this taking us?, into the Poor House or into Nirvana?

Tony in Michigan

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These super-accurate clocks do not stay accurate very long. After 3 years or so there is no benefit over a more conventional unit.

Besides, unless they are using sub-par components in the DAC, the benefit of a .03ppb clock and a 25ppb clock is moot.

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It's like a London loft or a trophy wife. It'll be flipped soon enough.

Maybe given the rubidium-Peter-to-pay-Paul price this DAC add on includes a GPS system for updating its internal atomic clock.

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Think they make a "Non-audiophile Edition?"


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Stereophile staff, is there anymore CES coverage? Where are the speakers and killer monoblock tube and solid state amps and other flagship products? Why the delay?

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Hi K.

We've been too occupied going room-to-room and traveling back home to do much writing and posting. Starting on Sunday, when John Atkinson's plate is clear, you'll see a sizable number of new blogs appear on a daily basis.

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K.Reid wrote:
Stereophile staff, is there anymore CES coverage? ... Why the delay?

As Jason said, now that we are all back home, we will be posting many stories. The conundrum we face for show coverage is that when a writer is posting reports, he isn't visiting exhibit rooms. And vice versa. Given how enormous CES is, I felt it more important that we visit all the rooms first, then post our reports later. We should be done with our CES coverage next Friday.

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile

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Jason, remember when CES coverage wouldn't hit print for 3-4 months?

These days, instant gratification is too slow!

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I'm consider adding a 10M clock to my noggin', Anton. Spending lots of time talking with cable companies to develop the appropriate connectors.