The Bower’s and Wilkin’s C5 Series 2 in-ear Headphones Sweepstakes

Register to win a set of Bower’s and Wilkin’s C5 Series 2 in-ear Headphones (MSRP $179.99) we are giving away.

According to the company:

C5 Series 2 in-ear headphones bring you amazingly natural acoustics and fit so snugly you’ll hardly be aware you’re wearing them. These headphones use a new 9.2mm dynamic driver, and have been optimized to deliver bass that’s powerful yet precisely controlled, resulting in a more natural, open and detailed sound.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

mom23kidoz's picture

it would be amazing to call these my own!

rschryer's picture

I'm broke because of the holidays! Please give!

CarterBro's picture

yes, please

Malcolm02's picture

would love them

remlab's picture

Arf! Grrrr!

zachsherf's picture

These would replace my EarPods!

zoltanvarga's picture

I would like to try them!

willdao's picture

I'm in!

markbrauer's picture

Typical 16 ohm IEMs don't interface well with my amp.

Dick James's picture


jhwalker's picture

. . . please :)

martian's picture

Pretty please!

oakmad's picture

Loved my series one but lost em, I'd love to try these

dsmalle's picture

I'm sure they do sound good, and it would be fun to win them !

MrGneiss's picture

My turn to win?? :-D

chef223's picture

I would love to win these for my daughter.Thank you for another great giveaway!

Andrew lee's picture

These will go with the 802 Diamonds.

TheGuyInTheHat's picture

Sign me up for the pair, please

ppopson's picture

Please register me for the contest.

wendellkb's picture

I hear these go not only to 11, but 12.

vgencarelli's picture

The new Ear for The new sound

Jim C.'s picture

Sign me up.

funambulistic's picture


volvic's picture

thry can replace my Beats.

masco's picture

Yes please!

daadaa's picture

for the win :D

lesliejazz's picture

Would love to win

mcdontho's picture

Sound bullets through the head.

Music_Guy's picture

Hope this is my time.

RBrooks's picture

looking forward to the postman's arrival.

otaku's picture

B+W Rules!

jrhud's picture

would be great to shove in my ears.

Ludeviche's picture

Can't wait to travel with these!

James.Seeds's picture

And the winner is........

argyle_mikey's picture

Got a bit wibbled at a pre-Xmas drinks do and left my beloved, brand new in-ears on the train at Uckfield as I staggered off into the night. As such, these would be most gratefully received.

RichardA1's picture

I would like these.

torturegarden's picture

I would love a pair of these.

trumbldw's picture

Best late Christmas present!

rodeobrett's picture

I'll take these please

james_edward_anderson's picture

those headphones look the best way!

mr_obnoxious's picture

I can hear the goodness already. Cheers!

Jack_Mlynek's picture

Never win, but I keep trying.

ameger's picture

Knowing B&W's high quality and great engineering, they should sound awesome!

Stirrio's picture

the bigger they sound?

leogarpab's picture

Just what I need for next year.

projectc's picture

Pick me Please!!!

Biffstar's picture

In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey...

Zap's picture

new in ear headphones? great way to "bring in " the new year. Sign me up

Mrubey's picture

for the opportunity.

ashutoshp's picture

one time

bierfeldt's picture

I really need a decent set of headphones

murphro's picture

...would love to use them on my holiday trip

lenbell's picture

would love to have

Prole's picture

Please accept my entry to the contest. I would love to listen to these.

jhanken's picture

Would love these.

dbooth914's picture

I would love to have a pair of B&W headphones!

I'll hide them, so the kids don't get there hands on the them!

John Dautel's picture

What a way to start the New Year!

Still Rockin's picture

Perfect for use when I'm traveling.

mikerr's picture

these could warm my ears this winter. thank you

docwa2000's picture

Winning would be a great way to start the year!

KeithyD's picture

Sweet baby!!! Yeah!!!!!!!

sgibson389's picture

please enter me. thanks

hooplidoopler's picture

Nice Headphones? A guy lacking nice headphones? why not?

I Dream In Stereo's picture

Sounds like a winner.

Nuz1's picture

Thank you!

walleyeil's picture

Make my day!

Chris H's picture

these should really make my Savage Garden vinyls sing!

Eskii's picture

Nice design!

bertdw's picture

What a happy new year it would be.

ednazarko's picture

Adjusting my C5 v1 so that I can write this to try for a C5 v2.

malvo's picture

me want!

BigA's picture

You can never have too many pairs of headphones.

Lou Knee's picture

More attainable than a pair of Magico Ultimates

seikosha's picture

I'd love to win them!

Audiohack's picture

I live not far away from the UK HQ of B&W and would love to have my first B&W product, so thanks for the chance to win!

Audiohack's picture

Sorry guys, just read the rules and us Limeys are excluded - shame!

xyzip's picture

thanks !

alessandrocapra's picture

The perfect subrogate of a B&W 800D

richfo's picture

These would look good in mine :-)

groth's picture

This would be GREAT.

cdxskier's picture

I'm in!

jamesk's picture


audiom's picture

I need these!

CosmicHippo's picture

I own a pair of the previous incarnation of these B&W's. They're beautiful. I've heard the newer version is even better...

VVIl_l_'s picture

please let me win!

hektor777's picture

Happy New Year to all music lovers

DarkStar_64's picture

I am a loyal B&W owner and would absolutely love the C5's!!! These would make winter walks in the cold and snow of Wisconsin all the more enjoyable!!! :)

xtrueg's picture

These would be great. I have the series 1 C5s and they're awesome...came with a Society of Sound subscription too, great hires music to download.

Robfine59's picture

I had them, I like them, my daughter co-opted them-- and so I need these.

RoadDawgWest's picture

listening to music on a portable player with these!

spyder1's picture

The C5 Series 2's are a beautiful design!

wc33's picture

Those earbuds look nice!

jmq's picture

Could use these!

guitarist9273's picture

Yes, please.

2_channel_ears's picture

like no other.

rhirsch's picture

Would love to win these!

JUNO-106's picture

Count me in!

earthnegi's picture

I could certainly put these to good use.

Merck's picture


ArtyFishal's picture

Would love to try them out.

Varied Tastes's picture

Happy New Year, it'd sure be great to start out with a fresh new sound signiture! xD

Unclehalsey's picture

I'm in! The earphones look nice.

mauidj's picture

Yes please!

afloydfreak's picture

YES Please!!!!!

Relayer's picture

Count me in.

rhassle's picture

I wouldn't mind getting a second pair for my son.

mrvalve's picture

Hmm I would never have thought to get earbuds with a loop like that

mdonohue's picture

Maybe I could start an "active lifestyle" with these...

Tru523's picture

My wife is jealous of the time I spend on this site.

kabjunk's picture

count me in....

texanalog's picture

Thanks for the chance!

mikepbrowning's picture

I would love to add these.

Chaviha's picture

My p5`s broke, these would make great gym phones.

vozhyk87's picture

"I'm on a roll, I'm on a roll
This time, I feel my luck could change"

Jackblues's picture

Happy Birthday!!!

chanabijoy's picture

It'd look good on me.

ElDragon's picture

...18 yr. old Audiophile!

Warwicklocke's picture

Never owned "in ears", it's time.

lawn_wrangler's picture

I need these!

liuj88's picture

I want it!

liuj88's picture

Thank you!

dwillis's picture

My ears would enjoy them!

santouliubi's picture

ear plugs submerged in absinthe, I'd love them! is this still on? is living on a different continent a dealbreaker?

KAMonnig's picture

Nautilus for the noggin?

jkershen's picture

Great giveaway!

suzy_ishtar's picture

crossing fingers - I want me some of this!

rosannepm's picture

I love the 9.2mm dynamic driver for the best sound

mrbigz1's picture

These look awesome. Thanks

abfantom's picture

I'd love to win these!

ccmonty's picture

I could really use a new pair of in-ear headphones.

xfaithx407's picture

These look awesome! I would love to win!

nape's picture

Now we're talkin.'

plevy25's picture

Those headphones would be awesome!

toughturtles's picture

Wow quality clean and in ear thanks

bobbob69's picture

Would love to win these cool headphones

elephantman1979's picture

please enter me

CrabbyCarol's picture

Would really love to win some good ones.

tauntonlake's picture

I have my IPOD with me 8 hours a day, and am still using third-rate earbuds. Earphones like these, would take my tunes to a whole 'nother level! :D

FlyhiG's picture

Have the over the ear P-5's. Love them. In ear may be nice.

SexyBrat's picture

Pick Me!'s picture

I have been comparing a number of over/on/in the ear headphones, and would like to try the Bower’s and Wilkin’s C5 Series 2 in-ear Headphones

jimmyray's picture

i never win anything but will try anyways.

bbybrwneyez34's picture

I would love to have these headphones

garrettsambo's picture

These headphones are great.

brianpiero's picture

Thank You for the giveaway… crank up the volume !