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Aperion Verus Grand Tower speakers amp?
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meyersr wrote:


I was wondering if anybody who has experience with the Aperion Verus Grand Tower speakers would have advice about what amplifiers work best with these. I'm looking to keep it around or below $2500 new or used, (with a slight leaning toward monoblocks, but not essential). Thanks for anybody who can help!


A good set of monoblocks with a preamp would cost from $5000 to $20,000. You do want at least 80 watts per channel for those speakers.

The best bang for your buck in that price range would be a high-quality integrated amplifier.

I think I would go with the ARCAM A38 amplifier, which is $2400, and has enough power for those speakers; it is an excellent-sounding amplifier.

Another very good one is the Music Hall A70.2 amplifier, which is a steal at only $1500.

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