Needle Doctor AudioEngine 5+ Speakers Sweepstakes

Register to win a pair of AudioEngine 5+ Speakers (MSRP $399.00) from Needle Doctor we are giving away.

According to the company:

Audioengine continues to manufacture powered speakers that are among the best you’ll find for the money. They’re a very focused company, and for that, we’re lucky. With resources pouring into a relatively centralized field, Audioengine is able to dream of and produce poignant products that entirely meet the needs of many listeners.

The A5+ powered speakers sound bold and brilliant. They seem unbothered by challenges holding other powered speaker back. They produce a visceral soundstage, and have excellent bass extension. Vocals especially sound vivid and clear, and inner details flourish with ease.

Connectivity was certainly on Audioengine’s mind when designing these beauties. The A5+ features two analog inputs, line level outputs, and a USB charging output. Speaker wire to connect the two speakers is included, as are analog interconnects. Indeed, no stone was left unturned while designing these amazing speakers.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

mrbridgeport's picture

I really deserve a set os speakers, been watching these for a while. Please baby jesus!

mrbridgeport's picture

been looking at these for a while, please baby jesus!

2_channel_ears's picture

I hope you're having fun

solemaker's picture

I love Audioengine gear. I have the N22 and it's great

ferrersc's picture

Great sounding stuff

leogarpab's picture

I would love to have them!

Tigershark's picture

Pick me, please.

ferrersc's picture

Great sounding stuff

skian's picture

Currently cannot afford to buy a pair of decent speakers.
Doesn't mean I wouldn't love a pair!

zbladejr's picture

Already have and love the A2+ in my office....these A5+'s would be perfect for our dining room.

NeilAK's picture

A worthwhile task. An ethical outcome. Here's hoping.

Raleigh95's picture

Good luck everyone!

fvelasco's picture


rickyjay's picture

Would love to have these speakers.

BigA's picture

I need these Audio Engine speakers to rock my home office and aggravate my spouse.

Warwicklocke's picture

Would love to replace my current (and not very good) speakers with these.

pacomo64's picture

My new Mac!


Dommatron's picture

They' Nice giveaway!

jokeka's picture

count me in

mahonel's picture

Happy Holidays everyone!!

techfish's picture

Love the A2+s! The A5s would be a great addition/upgrade.

Ken Rieman's picture

I think these would be a perfect Christmas gift for my sister.

Audio nut's picture

I'll take a pair.

Ironmanshak's picture

I am THE lucky commenter.....

Valentine M. Smith's picture

Thank you for offering all of us a chance to win. Keep up the great work! :)

broadkill's picture


Mr. Vega's picture

Christmas gift

mcdontho's picture

Speak to ME!

CBrentC's picture

One pair. Two. You know what I mean.

vmartell's picture

Would definitely be a great addition to my setup!

reckoner's picture

I bought a pair of Audioengines when I was in grad school. Now I've spent around 100x of the original price for my current system, but still can't get over how awesome the Audioengine speaker sounded. Best $350 I've ever spent on audio.

loop7's picture

I would enjoy a pair so very much.

Bixby's picture

pick me pick me! And thanks!

aopu.mohsin's picture

First day of Christmas my true love will give to me...

eddie.k's picture


audiomike's picture

I'd love to get these speakers for Christmas!

coffmand27's picture

If only I were lucky.

gufuejan's picture

come to me.

optus's picture

Dear Random Generator,
Please choose my name

pyrrho's picture

I've been eyeing these for a while now.

adithyav's picture

I like to see it my Desk

PredatorZ's picture

hey, it's the Holidays and giving and receiving is in the air, congrats to who ever wins, if it is me, Ill try them out and give my opinions, these would be a nice gift !

germay0653's picture

Would absolutely love a pair of these for my desktop setup.

giganticnorskie's picture

I have to win one of these times. Thanks Stereophile.

jpkell05's picture


helminski's picture

These sound perfect for my office computer!

jcband's picture

Gotta Get Some of these!!!

bsm539's picture

must have :)

Tell Me Why's picture

What a Great Site.

douglas882's picture

Most excellent!

Tell Me Why's picture

AudioEngine 5+

jonahsdad's picture


npsquire1's picture

Yes please!

agroberts72's picture

Would love to have these speakers in my den.

donunus's picture

Just what I Needed!

kchamblin's picture


jazzhead's picture

I would luv to win these speakers!

prof's picture

Them's some zpeakers.

O.D. Yeo's picture

I recommended a pair to my brother. I envy him whenever I hear them.

MrGneiss's picture

I want!! :-D

coolestbaby's picture

pick me!

noeyes405's picture

I have a pair of A2+, and they sound great!

chrisdemarse's picture

I would love those speakers!

mrvco's picture

I have the A2's, but as they say, bigger is always better.

Chris Pertile's picture

I'll make room for these

klatu385's picture

I would love to have these.

mikepbrowning's picture

These are great, I'm in

dizziness's picture

Yes, please.

wfkthree's picture

present for Christmas!

urhlre's picture

I have the A2.

515 AM's picture

Nice prize.

james's picture

i've heard good things! good luck everyone

jmbee's picture

These look nice and sound like fun. Hook me up!

opus12I's picture

This would be the best thing to happen to me. With 4 kids, I can't imagine a better way to wind down at the end of the day. Pick Me, Please.

Millsdm's picture

Good luck everyone! Throw my name into the hat.

delinbs's picture

Could certainly use a pair!

svenska's picture

I would love to have these for my daughter’s laptop.

katie's picture

Where to place them? Oh well, I'll figure it out!

matthra's picture


eeifb's picture

Great desktop speakers!'s picture

I will take them now!

spyder1's picture

Audio Engine, makes great sounding products.

Aktiv's picture

Heard these used in, of all things, an art exhibit in Denmark. The clarity on spoken voice was amazing.

mikerr's picture

These would be awesome

mikerr's picture

These would be awesome

kabjunk's picture

sign me up......

jcbenten's picture

I will keep my eye out for the UPS man!

Audio nut's picture

Pick me

NEvans87's picture

I've been wanting these for a while. I was looking at the bamboo ones but I'll take free regardless of color.

NoStrings's picture

A perfect match for an Audioengine DAC. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Oofy Prosser's picture

So I'm not reducing any one else's chances. But I can dream.

courtburns's picture

I would very much appreciate getting these speakers. I have loved them from afar for awhile. Feeling lucky...

jwchoi0522's picture

Thank you!

agaray66's picture

Want them...

dwillis's picture

Very Nice!

tomsells's picture

I really like the bamboo finish. When I win I am going to ask for the bamboo finish.

Bubbamike's picture

These would work great for me.

EndersShadow's picture

These would be awesome on my desk at work!

JarrodP's picture

My computer speakers just broke. These would be a beautiful replacement

sumbuba's picture

Have the A2's and they are wonderful. A5's have to be even better

rovingardener's picture

Dolby Advanced Audio, Harmon Kardon is just not good enough.

Briandrumzilla's picture

Power to the speaker!

DungeeHead's picture

Because the music from Charlie Brown's Christmas would sound so sweet on these

iListen's picture

would love to retire these 8 year old logitech speakers. maybe?

wrivard's picture

Yes please

DonnyMe's picture

This would make an awesome gift for my wife. She (we) could have great sounding music where ever she (we) goes, such as seminars, speaking engagements, or vacations. Her laptop and a set of these could keep her immersed with great sound be it music or watching movies. This could also be used with power point presentations or teaching small groups or individuals.

neogeo's picture

I would gladly like this please.

KentuckyRiver's picture

Got to have them.

Relayer's picture

I'll win one of these.

JakeLaBonte's picture

Really, I do enjoy free stuff

thefinalsound's picture

One please.

PLo's picture

Have my eye on this system for my office desk

SOUND PICKIE's picture


csmalak's picture

Count me in...

audiom's picture

Perfect for my iMac.

RoadDawgWest's picture

AudioEngine 5+ Speakers would be perfect.

mrvalve's picture

Looking forward to placing these in my den.

ononewheel's picture

Those would look really nice next to my new u-turn audio turntable!

markotto's picture

I am sure they Would be a huge upgrade over my old altec lansing desktops

joeydeke's picture

I have room on my desk at home for these - Then the A2's can go with me to work and replace the junk IT put on my desk!

Stirrio's picture

Please me

partain's picture

I have it.

jhanken's picture

Infatuated with powered speakers these days, the reasons for them are so compelling, love it! I also love the controls on the front. Would love to find an image of the back of these, that is always interesting.

calaf's picture

pick me!

BobMc's picture

Good luck to me

kmorrison's picture

i want

POTOTOY2's picture

audioengine=quality speakers for me!'s picture

These are awesome. I would love to hear these in my home.

bprochford's picture

Go me.

TEphono77's picture

I have heard these and they sound great. I would love to win them.

d.strohmeier's picture


puddy77's picture

And thank you

Ormy51's picture

Chicken dinner

1audio1's picture

Great sweepstakes!

bondmanp's picture

I have heard these neat little speakers at shows, and would love to have them on my computer desk!

jediCA's picture

Ill be happy to use them

Kim2005's picture

Yes, i can have these if I am nice.

headphonista's picture

I hope I'm still on time.

brixton93's picture

I want to upgrade from my A2s.

ephesus64's picture

A bit of a jarring move if these ended up replacing the NHT/Adcom setup I've judiciously culled from craigslist, but I'd love to get these set up and see how they perform.

frenchwah's picture

Would love to give these to my little bro for Christmas.

emartinezpr's picture

I'd love to pair them with my bedroom TV.'s picture

want one

andrews27's picture

Daddy needs a new set of computer speakers.

ArtyFishal's picture

In need of some new speakers. I just lost one due to a child related accident.

oscarsosa's picture

They would be a nice upgrade for my desk.

thelemur's picture


Sergey_Kozh's picture

Great speakers - I look forward to enjoying them!

Slybond's picture

Yes Please

graham125's picture

these would look great in my lair