Needle Doctor AudioEngine 5+ Speakers Sweepstakes

Register to win a pair of AudioEngine 5+ Speakers (MSRP $399.00) from Needle Doctor we are giving away.

According to the company:

Audioengine continues to manufacture powered speakers that are among the best you’ll find for the money. They’re a very focused company, and for that, we’re lucky. With resources pouring into a relatively centralized field, Audioengine is able to dream of and produce poignant products that entirely meet the needs of many listeners.

The A5+ powered speakers sound bold and brilliant. They seem unbothered by challenges holding other powered speaker back. They produce a visceral soundstage, and have excellent bass extension. Vocals especially sound vivid and clear, and inner details flourish with ease.

Connectivity was certainly on Audioengine’s mind when designing these beauties. The A5+ features two analog inputs, line level outputs, and a USB charging output. Speaker wire to connect the two speakers is included, as are analog interconnects. Indeed, no stone was left unturned while designing these amazing speakers.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

sonicthedog's picture

Love to hook those fine speakers to my computer!

KDub's picture

These would be the envy of all at work. Pick me!

RBrooks's picture

Always room for another pair

oenococcus's picture

I can think of many places to put those for endless enjoyment! Good luck to all..

tjorgensen's picture

Yes, would love a 2nd pair

Loren's picture

I'd love to win these and send them to my niece and introduce her to better audio.

brw's picture

... is my two 5+

earthnegi's picture

I bet they would sound great in my house. Please let me win.

Toothfactory's picture

And I would be happy to own a third.

deebeez's picture

I would love to own a pair of these! Thank you for the opportunity.

Mortsnets's picture

some good powered speakers

tlayman's picture

This would really tie the room together.

corrective_unconscious's picture

When I win these along with the Vanatoo.

luisranger2bn's picture

Very very excellent

TravisPatrick's picture

Those would be quite nice.

mrobin's picture

They look awesome.

Supperconductor's picture

I've heard them, they are a great value.

Jeffstudio's picture

Would love to hear these hooked up to my computer.

Geurity's picture

Please, let it be me!

Bkhuna's picture

I'll make a spot for them right now.

Jackblues's picture

Great Christmas present for me!

Dr. Spivey's picture

I could really use a pair of new computer speakers.

lellis's picture

Good sound, incredible value, it would be great to have them siding my notebook.

w1000i's picture

Never win befor :(.

doak's picture

end up in my stocking!

mwfuss's picture

I would love to have these attached to my computer system.

TheGuyInTheHat's picture

Just got a new Dragonfly for work - these would certainly be a welcome addition.

MWaehner's picture

They look awesome

Axiom05's picture

I'll give this one a try. Throw my name into the hat.

findog3103's picture

Love to have these speakers

martian's picture

One can hope

limproved's picture

I feel I have a need for powered speakers. These look awesome.

wendellkb's picture

would be great for the office

swimkinney2's picture

Would love to have these! Recent college grad could use a pair of new speakers for rooms without music right now...Thanks!

lesliejazz's picture

Would love to win!

Moolb's picture

Please pick me!

deckeda's picture

Needle Doctor!

markbrauer's picture

Needle Doctor is great.

tfarinholt's picture

Hope I am not too late

wndbrkr's picture

These and my computer would go together like iMac and Cheese!

satisfied's picture

Here's to hoping!

BradleyP's picture

Sign me up! I need these, please.

guitarist9273's picture

Love to use these

senojhrj1's picture

I read stereophile every morning, and I have purchased items from Needle Doctor. The AudioEngine 5+ would be appreciated by me.
Harry Jones

billyb's picture

Would love to have a pair

rschryer's picture

Lady Luck, pleased to meet you. Can you guess my name?

ddgimd's picture

Count me in

colt1664's picture

Yes Please! Those look great!

Boxsounds's picture

pls let me win

pkelley's picture

Sounds good. Sign me up! Thanks!

otaku's picture

I could totally use these (and gift my AudioEngine 2's to my son)

jfschum's picture

Great sweepstakes!

vgencarelli's picture

A Very perfect design

mcrumm56's picture

Count me in.

mcrumm56's picture

Count me in.

ClassicalDJ's picture

These would be a great gift for my dad.

gdupont's picture

To replace my old computer speakers!

jpancake's picture

These would look great on my desk!

blankdisc's picture

please let me win.

xyzip's picture


tonj's picture

I need new pc speakers!

Nuz1's picture

Thanks Santa!

lawn_wrangler's picture

me. Please.

camadeco's picture

Had them and regrettibly had to sell them. I bet they have improved them since 2010. Would really like a replacement pair.

rodeobrett's picture

I'll take those please

duskdrums's picture

Would love a pair of the AE 5+s

volvic's picture

would work very well in my office.

gk8aq's picture

I want to test them on my new Marantz SR7009 AV receiver. :D

akiesli's picture

I wouldn't mind have a pair of these!

Wguyll's picture

Sounds good!

Dick James's picture

New speakers for Christmas!

bhuempfne's picture

I would give these a loving home for the holidays.

Mrubey's picture

Beautiful speakers

thoeme's picture

My A2's are so lonely. They need big brothers.

Dr.Kamiya's picture


Audiohack's picture

Don't forget your loyal members on the other side of the pond!

jbucko's picture


kurttv's picture

Bought my son the A2s, would love the A5s!

jrhud's picture

sooner or later...

Eidolonsix's picture

Yes please.

torturegarden's picture

I could use a new set of computer speakers.

noirx7's picture

These are sweet!

fourpobs's picture

I live near the ND and have listened to these there. Would love to own them!

willdao's picture


bierfeldt's picture

I would be happy if you picked me

jfk33's picture


alexk's picture

me up.

geodowns's picture

My speakers are as old as dirt! Really would love these.

IBEJohnson's picture

But I'm no quitter.

monkeysmile's picture

They match my cubicle!

G.R.Noakes's picture a pair of P4 speakers (that I love) and a D1 DAC on my desktop, would love to upgrade, so I'm in the running!

Jack_Mlynek's picture

Still haven't won anything.

iamthewally's picture

These would go great in my work space!

plevy25's picture

please let me win.... drool....

John in Baltimore's picture

I would be honored to have these in my home.

theusual's picture

to me

lenbell's picture

would love these speakers

remlab's picture

Or here?

nonoise's picture

I was considering some monitors for my living room and these would give me a good idea on how they would sound.

toon's picture

Hope my number comes up on these

popluhv's picture

me please!

Alan150th's picture

Perfect for the 2nd bedroom.

jan.thyssen's picture

Those would replace my broken logitechs quite nicely!

Special Spartan's picture

To whoever wins, at least!

saronian's picture

Always appreciated the sound quality of AudioEngine's products.

vrax's picture

...I've been mostly good.

Music_Guy's picture

Please take me off the "Naughty" list and put me on the "Nice" list.

mcrushing's picture

Would love a pair for the office!

stereoGoodness's picture


stereoGoodness's picture


scardeal's picture

Oh, you know that's right!

Glotz's picture

Lady Luck come home!

PurestAV's picture

My desktop speakers died this past summer and I am using some old Sony bookshelves inherited from my son.

CapitalW's picture

I admit to being jaded when it comes to small powered speakers, but I find these interesting!

rhaak's picture

Look great

BCMN's picture

These would pair beautifully with the Pro-Ject turn table I’m buying from the Needle Doctor for my daughter.

Brankin's picture

Nice - thanks!

Dbulkley62's picture

Love to have those

trevor gearhart's picture


Fullbull111's picture

Would be great for my daughter going off to college.

wkjeffers's picture

"...........all I got was a rock" - Charlie Brown

audiojut2015's picture

would love these!

audio33's picture

Much needed!

ScottyA's picture

I never win things like this, but I'd love for that to change!

dohl84's picture

is a pair of Audioengine A5+

eugovector's picture

Wouldn't mind upgrading my A2+

MtnBeachBum's picture

Very nice speakers! Would love to own them.

maelob's picture

Love the AudioEngine Speakers

audiofrk's picture

what the title said.

Pre71's picture

I have been a big fan of these speakers for many many many years. Ok, now you can pick me!

adubscsr's picture

ME please. Thanks !!!

jba's picture

could use these at the office

danham's picture

I bet these sound great!

Sonore's picture

I bet my favorite music will sound new to me...

drewrf's picture

I would love a pair of these.

desmondjim's picture

Me Please!

jmq's picture

Great company, great product!

clloyd2815's picture

I'll take 'em, and thanks!

esamson's picture

True story: I told my daughter I would get her a pair of A5+ as a gift when she gets in her first appartment. Now is her chance to get them in advance!

om05964's picture

I could definitely use these.

josephoh's picture

I've heard great things about these.

Trace's picture

But I never win anything !

Aalan's picture

Santa's got a brand new bag of audio joy!

James.Seeds's picture

Will definitely liven up my computer system

John C Freeman's picture

They would be great to have in White or black.

ssimon's picture

who doesn't need more speakers?

pablolie's picture

...not surprisingly. i own the original A5 and after all these years (2007) they still sound great. awesome engineering.

PS: white, please. :)

jnani's picture


sonnenwender's picture

looks like exactly what I need

Prole's picture

And give them to my nephew - to introduce him to better sounding audio.