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Speaker Stand Recommendation(s) for KEF LS50
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those who don't spend some time seeking optimal positioning for the LS50 are missing out on a lot...

i can recommend the Sanus Steel Foundations Mark IV. they are very stable and can be easily painted (i like my speaker stands white). make sure you get a height that puts them ear level in your normal listening position, and play with distance and toe in a lot.

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Moskose wrote:

I'm looking for recommendations on stands for the KEF LS50s. The #1 concern is not detracting/adding to the sound but I also hope something simple that compliments the look and scale of the speaker is available.

Speakers stands need to be 1) RIGID, 2) Metal, 3) as massive and heavily damped as possible.

If not, SPEAKER PERFORMANCE WILL SUFFER A LOT!!! It is very foolish to get high-quality speakers and ignore the difference properly configured stands will make in the way they sound.

Fill the vertical columns with lead or steel bird shot, which you can find online or at your local hunting/fishing or gun store.

This adds mass and damping which help considerably in improving speaker performance.

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Hallo, I am having grear results with Music Tools stands. I have the "entry level ones", but all of them are good!

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