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Jay Bee El
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Last seen: 4 years 6 months ago
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Vintage JBLs (Olympus?)

I just came into a pair of these.

They really sound amazing at times, but I think the amp I am using (Marantz 2275) is making them shrill at times.

Does anybody know anything about these? I think they are JBL Olympus.

I'd love some ideas of how I might drive these on a reasonable budget.

Much thanks to all in advance.

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It could be your source that is the problem; garbage in, garbage out!

I don't think that Marantz amps are known for being particularly shrill.

The Music Hall 15.3 is a very good amplifier that you might try, but it could be your source that is the issue, or it could be the tweeters in those speakers.

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