Site Update: Note To Our Readers

We've updated our site platform this weekend and changed a few things.

Log in to the site is now located at the right end of the nav bar at top.

We apologize that any comments that you might have added this weekend have been lost. There are still a few minor issues we are fixing, so please bear with us.

wkhanna's picture

yeah, that sorta sucks

tomasvalparaiso's picture

great great site !!!

himynameisjuan's picture

though audiophiles don't react too well to change...

wkhanna's picture

I think the audiophiles i know handle change well.
It is curmudgeons like me who are more interested in good user interface than they are fonts who do not suffer change that is superficial.

I am sure the IT guru's at work here will have it all sorted shortly.

Steve Eddy's picture

In Safari on my iPad (current iOS), the menu bar is all screwed up.


Steve Eddy's picture

It's working now. Thanks.


tmsorosk's picture

Much better , thanks.

latinaudio's picture

The menu bar is now at the top, where it belongs, but the contrast between the black background and the white thin letters in the scroll down menu makes almost unreadable the text.

corrective_unconscious's picture

Not even close to illegible on my monitor. Maybe you're reading your smartphone in direct sunlight or something.

ChrisS's picture

...was a nice feature. Can that be added here?