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need help setting up a home theater system from scratch!!

Hello all,

I am trying to set up a decent sounding home theater system in my large living room. it measures 15 feet in width to 30 feet in length and open up into the kitchen, also has high ceilings.I am trying to set up a system that can give me a room filling sound. I am working within a budget also about $4000. To start of with i have a yamaha rx-v675 receiver. I am trying to buy a pair of floor standing speakers and a center and then on to surrounds. For the floor standing speakers I need an opinion as to which would be a better one among these or any other suggestions:

def tech BP8080st towers vs Klipsch RF 600 vs Polk rti A7's

a center that would go with my yamaha receiver and surround speakers, any ideas about wireless surround speakers?? I dont want to run wires right now so wondering if there are any good sounding wireless surrounds in the market. Also can you avoid the surrounds all together whith a good sounding floor standing speakers and a center to get the room filling sound? anyway this is my first post and as you can see I have too many questions right now.

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Only you can tell if a given speaker is the right one for you. In order to determine this you have to make the effort to expend the energy necessary to audition some speakers.

Whatever speakers you decide on they should all (front and rear) be from the same manufacturer. Having speakers that are tone and timbre matched will result in les/no discontinuities when the sound field moves from front to rear and back.

FWIW: I have surround speakers but no front center speaker. 

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