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Trying to find Snell Type J

Hi all,


So I am on an interesting hunt. I am looking for a pair of Snell Type J's for my dad. He bought a pair in the 90's and loved them. We had to move in about 2006 and he gave them to my Grandparents as he had gotten out of the Audiophile thing because of work and we wouldn't have room in out new home. Now that we moved again he went back and they had thrown them away... He is crushed as he is getting back into loving Audio. Now, my mother and I am looking for a pair to replace his lost ones. We want to find him a pair for Christmas. The person selling must be able to ship to Michigan. If you know of anywhere where we could find these this would be great and would be a great help to us.





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I suggest that you go to the AVS Forums and post an ad there in their AUDIO Classified section for what you need.

You will get a lot of exposure there.

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