Audioquest Dragonfly DAC and Grado SR80i Headphones from Needle Doctor Sweepstakes

Register to win a Audioquest Dragonfly DAC and Grado SR80i Headphones (MSRP $298) from Needle Doctor we are giving away.

According to Needle Doctor:

Whether you are a budding audiophile or a serious enthusiast in need of a mobile solution, the following package is for you. The Audioquest Dragonfly and Grado SR80s are not only Needle Doctor staff favorites individually, but they work great as a pair.

The versatile Audioquest Dragonfly is first a high quality USB DAC capable of decoding up to 24bit/96kHz digital files of any format. It is also an adept headphone amplifier which will make your new Grado headphones sing with warmth and body. Just plug one end of the Dragonfly into the USB port of your laptop (or desktop) computer, and the SR80s into the other, and you will breathe new life in to your digital music collection or any streaming online content.

Don't forget that you can also integrate the Dragonfly with your home hi-fi system. Simply connect the 3.5mm output with a nice mini-to-RCA cable to an open line-level input, and enjoy the increased clarity in your main system.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

JonGavin's picture

Definitely could use these...

TeflonScoundrel's picture

Would be a huge upgrade on my current set of headphones.

chanabijoy's picture

Pick me.

mplastow's picture

I would really like to be the winner of this prize please. That is all, thank you. 

crixx74's picture

 I desire it, perfect for my netbook to listen music in the front of the sea.

mickanger's picture

I could live with it.

pboser's picture

What a great addition to good sound at work!  Thank you for offering them!

Rowan's picture

Sounds exciting!

Hope it makes someone very happy :)

mkrzych's picture


Would be very nice to win the DragonFly DAC - I've never win anything with my life :-/

larryincmh's picture

I am a current Dragonfly user on my work laptop. Use it all day to block out ambient noise and enjoy my home streamed music. The Grado phones will be a significant upgrade from my old Sennheiser units, can't wait to hear the results of this contest!!

stephend50's picture

My birthday is less than a month away!

alwool's picture

thank you

SDongre's picture

Awesome combo!

zen2000's picture

Would love to replace my Koss Porta Pro with these headphones.

atkidoug's picture

Thanks so much for this contest. This is a great combo to offer.

ajorge's picture

need a dac and a new pair of headphones :)

fvelasco's picture

Nice gear!!

papaya's picture

Perfect timing, just before the holiday season!

baggio's picture

What a combo sitting underneath my Xmas Tree

gacf2008's picture

I will have these babies in my home

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shanek's picture

Great combo. Sign me up, please.

IMWorks's picture

This would make a great early Christmas present for... oh, I don't know... mmmeeeee!!!

Dreamharrower's picture

Would love to hear these for myself.

ButchP's picture

I guess we really do learn something new everyday. I've read your advertisements in Sterophile for years without realizing that digital was a part of your repertoire.

NJ Beatle Fan's picture

It would be great to hear my AIFF files with these two items.  Let me in.

jgambino's picture

Please pick me

jgrucella's picture

cool duo I could use this 

tminderm's picture

This looks like a great combination!

Radian4x's picture

I would love to own this combination! 

malvrich's picture

For the price of 0!

audiom's picture

Exactly what I need: my first DAC and an upgrade for my aging Grado S60 ears.

Skip Pack's picture

Great sounds to me!

Supergome's picture

Yes, please!

atmapc's picture

Thanks! Please!

johnmotex's picture

Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

subroc's picture

Would love to win these, pick me!

naowro's picture

I've been thinking about the Dragonfly.

terryble's picture

What a combination.  Yes, please!

mikethc's picture

What a combination!

boealper's picture

Just in time for Xmas! Miss by Grado 60's :-(

boealper's picture

Just in time for Xmas! Miss by Grado 60's :-(

Hionfi's picture

I don't even know where to begin, but these seem like a good start


Please enter me

beaz2890's picture

This would be an amazing setup for small HIFI sound that you can bring with you!

patrickfgoddard's picture

Long time Grado fan and have been wanting to check out the Dragonfly for awhile.

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pstvone's picture

yes plsease

bob42's picture

I would love to win this.

simpsonjp's picture

I would love to have a Dragonfly and Grado Headphones so I can tune out my wife!

imanpaul's picture

in for the contest.

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I would love to have these!

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audiojohn's picture


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Im gona win!

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Pick me. Pick me.

sethandtheinternet's picture

I honestly hope I win. please.

the dog's picture

"Grado" is a good name for a bull dog...

danielvgh's picture

The way music should sound.

Mark Brock's picture

What an excellent combination with the Grado Headphones plugged into the Audioquest Dragonfly. 

pmckenna3's picture

I would never pass up a chance to improve the listening quality of my


trevor gearhart's picture

Gotta have that

MathMan's picture

I have never listened to Grado headphones yet but I really want to!

htpimp's picture

I always find Grado headphones and easy recommendation and Needle Doctor is a familiar friend.

pulsetsar's picture

SR series grados - my first audiophile grade product back in the '90s that started me on a never ending journey. Count me in!

cybergrimes's picture

Thanks for the chance!

Robfine59's picture

I'm in!

07_E_Jay's picture

Wow I really Need them

cdxskier's picture

I will put these to good use!

cvillevideo's picture

Thanks for bringing us another great sweepstakes!

rosiemax's picture

I want this stuff.

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this is nice

harmaphonic's picture

What a great idea for a giveaway!!

Would love to have this combo.

bricksalt's picture

thanks for the offer.

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This would be a great way to improve my listening while traveling.

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theonetim's picture

I would love to have a new DAC, and new headphones couldn't hurt.

dmacg's picture

thanks e

bmwg450x's picture

yes they will