Lawrence's Double Bass

Taiwanese speaker manufacturer used an 400Wpc/8 ohms Jeff Rowland Design Group 825 stereo amplifier and Aeris DAC to demonstrate its new Double Bass loudspeaker ($28,000/pair), with audio data sourced from a Bryston BDP-1. The Double Bass combines an MTM ribbon array with an 8" sandwich-cone mid-woofer and 12" sandwich-cone woofer in a vented enclosure that resembles, yes, a double bass.

Initially, with the system playing an orchestral version of a Brahms Hungarian Rhapsody, the sound was both bright and lacking image depth. I was not impressed. But then the Lawrence staffer replaced his home-made woven speaker cables shown in the photo with Nordost Valhalla. I am not one for ascribing huge differences in sound quality to wires. But in this case, the change was dramatic, the presentation sounding more full-range and more authoritative, with improved imaging specificity.

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Curious as to how these speakers came to be designed. Is it a form follows function thing, lets see if we can design a nice sounding speaker resembling a double bass, or other? When you consider the form of Vivid speakers or KEF Blade speakers, they make sense. I don't understand these. Can someone enlighten me? Thanks.

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Mostly a form follows function design, but admittedly inspired by musical instruments that the designer plays. From their website: "The original inspiration for the design of these unique speakers is Lawrence’s love of classical music and instruments such as the violin, mandolin, and the cello....Lawrence Audio speakers are precision crafted and distinguishable by their unique angular designs, which are not created simply for aesthetic purposes. Unlike simple rectangle or square speakers, the angular designs of the speakers reduce unwanted resonance so that the listeners can enjoy uncompromised, pure sound reproduction.” 

I gotta tell you- you must hear this speaker line! I've heard the Violins and the new Double Basses and they have absolutely knocked my socks off, with no respect to the price. Add in the very, very resonable price, and you have a speaker that plays up with the big boys, beats outright many of them, and costs far, far less.