Mojo–Atomic Audio Labs–VH Audio

"Together, We Make Beautiful Music" proclaimed the one-sheet that was handed to me in this room. "You are listening to a complete audio system that cost under $15,000," it continued, adding that "we put together this relatively modest playback system to better demonstrate the musical purity and refinement produced with products manufactured by: Mojo Audio, Atomic Audio Labs, VH Audio." $15,000 doesn't sound "relatively modest" to me, but the sound in this room was surprisingly good considering that the speakers were a DIY design using a full-range 8" unit and the amplifiers were vintage Allen organ tube models, based on the Williamson circuit.

The Mac mini in my photo had been upgraded with Mojo's Joule II low-noise linear power supply and rests on an Atomic Labs resonance-tuned platform. This fed data to a Mojo Mystique D/A converter (from $1495, top in photo), which uses an Analog Devices AD1965 18-bit ladder-DAC chip without oversampling or even any aperture effect response compensation. This will handle sample rates up to 192kHz and it, too, rested on an Atomic platform. Power and signal cables were from Mojo and feature carbon-fiver shielding and a cotton dielectric; speaker cables were VH Audio's Counter-Helix Litz array.

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    $15K for a stereo system is definitely not "modest" to me and to many other people. Considering that is involve DIY speaker and vintage tube amps that likely need to be refurb before using.  


     Of course if you compare this to a system at the same show with $150K speaker system than, yes it is relatively modest indeed.