Antelope Audio & ATC

The Antelope Audio Zodiac Platinum DAC ($5500, including Voltikus power supply and remote control), seen here in the shadow of the wild Rubicon, utilizes the company’s 64-bit clocking technology, supports sampling rates up to 768kHz, and plays DSD files. It offers both analog and digital inputs, including balanced analog XLRs, unbalanced analog RCAs, AES/EBU, two coaxial, two Toslink, USB, and a 10MHz input for Antelope’s Rubidium Atomic Clock. Dual front-panel 1/4" headphone jacks, an analog volume control, and a spiffy app for PC, Mac, and mobile devices add to the fun.

Partnered with its Voltikus power supply, the Zodiac delivered music to ATC’s big and beautiful SCM100 powered 3-way loudspeakers. The sound was clean, detailed, and very easy to enjoy.

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ATC, not PMC, correct?

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Thank you for the correction. I'm sorry about the error.