PBN’s Peter Noerback always gets a good sound at shows and Newport Beach was no exception. The KAS2 speakers ($38,000/pair) might have thought to be too big for the room, but driven by the 200Wpc Olympia-AX amplifiers, bridged for mono operation when they deliver 800W into 8 ohms ($22,000 each, see lower photo), they produced a delicious full-range sound, even one that was a touch too mellow, on Madeleine Peyroux’s rendering of “Bye Bye Love.”

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Thank you for the nice writeup it is greatly appreciated.  Please note that the KAS 2 does have built in 2 x 500W (500W for each woofer) DSP aujustable amplifiers in each speaker allowing for proper integration in almost any room. The middle section of the KAS2,  from 60 Hz and up is driven by  your main power amplifier, in this case the Olympia AX. 

Under Show conditions I find that it is always better to tilt the tonal balance to the softer side of neutral, which an experienced listener ofcourse picks up.  A simple adjustment on the DSP via Laptop can easily change the presentation to neutral. However,  "a delicious full-range sound"  it does not get much better than that, thanks again!

Peter B. Noerbaek

PBN Audio


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Nice towers! Wish I had been there to check 'em out.

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I like these speakers they had a big sound, my group did not find them dull at all.

Maybe the music that CD can sound a bit dull.