Audio Note UK’s Sonic Consistency

Although they looked the same, the Audio Note UK E/SPe HE 98dB-sensitive loudspeakers ($9300/pair plus $650 for the stands) were a larger version of what I heard at AXPONA Chicago. In a system that also included Audio Note UK’s CDT Three top-loading CD transport ($12,000), DAC3.1x / II Balanced ($10,000), and OTO SE Signature integrated amplifier ($5500, or $6300 with phono), a very warm and mellow midrange triumphed on Jane Monheit’s “More than You Will Ever Know” from the album, Neverland. A further listen to a cut from Hazmat Modine’s Bahamut convinced that this is a system for midrange lovers über alles. The alles, in this room at least, included copious lower-bass boom, a common factor in all the smaller rooms at the Hilton.

Note that this room also wins my quarterly Triumph Over Hotel Art Award.

DetroitVinylRob's picture

One could yawn entering an Audio Note room... at yet another show, if one were deaf to the "consistantly" lovely music time and time again. Beautiful, understated, excellent.