Tony Wins Some Schiit

Tony Tueni of Charlotte, North Carolina is the happy winner of our Schiit Bifrost USB and Modi DACs Sweepstakes. Tony's current system includes a Rega Planar 3 turntable, Onix integrated amplifier, Soliloquy 5.3 loudspeakers, Oppo CD player, and Squeezebox Touch. He can now add the Schiit BiFrost and Modi DACs to the list.

When he plugged the Squeezebox into the BiFrost via glass optical cable, he "immediately noticed more clarity and focus with a less sizzly high end," compared to the analog outputs from his Squeezebox Touch. In addition, low frequencies seemed tighter. He loves the hardy made-in-the-USA build of the BiFrost and Modi, and he's considering the UBER analog upgrade on the BiFrost.

A Stereophile review of the BiFrost is coming soon. The reviewed model includes the UBER upgrade. Since Tony's been reading Stereophile since high school, I have no doubt he'll read our review. Hopefully, it'll help him make his decision.

Thanks for your many years of readership Tony, and congratulations on your win!

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Just wanted to pass along congradulations to a fellow Charlotean and audiophile. Glad to know that there are still some audiophiles in Charlotte!

Enjoy the new equipment Tony.


Charlotte, NC 

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I love that Schiit! I have the Gungnir. It replaced my Transporter. I now run SPDIF into the Gungnir via the uLink from Wrd4snd. That combo blows the Transporter away leaving no doubts. Even digital out from the Transporter was bested by the USB converter.

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Great Schiit! Congrats dude

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Congrats, Tony. 

Nice gear you have there, too. 

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This guy has the right idea.  That is an awesome real world setup he's got going there.  Congrats on the new equipment as well!  Sounds like it found its way to a good home.  

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Thanks for the kind words. Yes, there are audiophiles in Charlotte and the rest of NC!  I am enjoying Trentemøller playing through the Touch/Schiit Bifrost right now.

PS. I am using a low power squeezeplug (plug server) as my music server for the Logitech Touch.


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Congrats Tony! 

As this is my first post in Stereophile I will resist the urge to use any clever puns in regards to the name of this brand.

Just one question. Does it sound like Schiit?