Skullcandy Navigator Headphones Sweepstakes

Register to win a set of Skullcandy Navigator Headphones (MSRP $99.95) we are giving away.

According to the company:

The Navigator is the next generation of a highly sophisticated concept from Skullcandy. The original designed on-ear headphones allow for next level listening with an optimized sound package. The construction is lightweight in design and engineered to deliver extremely smooth frequencies through tightly controlled bass, natural vocals and precision highs. The Navigator features a unified headband and hinge construction offering increased durability with the ability to collapse for convenient stashability.

The Skullcandy Navigator features inline Mic3 functionality, allowing iPhone users to have full control of volume, pause/play, tracking and the ability to have clear, crisp phone conversations direct through their headphones without interruption. Additional features include an ergonomic design and high quality memory foam ear cushions wrapped in premium leather creating a level of comfort perfect for long wear and ideal for listening.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

EdogCO's picture

These would be a GREAT replacement to the crummy old headphones I'm still using.

J Young's picture

Very nice.

rwfernandes's picture

I would like to find out for myself!

ushnia's picture

Musical Fidelity Stable 1

Bones265's picture

Would go a long way in listening to some great music on the train

thorsonic's picture

New Phones!

dowdag's picture

Need check these out! Should be comfortable to wear for extended listening sessions!

torturegarden's picture

I would love to try out a pair of these.

david.parker83's picture

and ear candy.  Yummy

ice mike's picture

Totally  sweet! I need new headphones for my Yamaha RX-V995, iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. Tanx

themadmilkman's picture

I registered to enter this one, therefore I deserve to win.

stevo's picture

....would love these. Lets hope you pick me, please!

capdever's picture

I'd be up for giving these a try!

mcdontho's picture

Kool Kans!

kabjunk's picture

count me in.

jlong1964's picture

These would look great replacing my old Koss Headphones!

eugovector's picture

Sure, sign me up.

Phil Sommers's picture

Another chance to win--thanks.

Izuall's picture


jabordz's picture


scardeal's picture

Who wouldn't?

neogeo's picture

I'll take a pair please.

Pjay's picture


chunk23's picture

1 for me

trevor gearhart's picture


funambulistic's picture

Would love to have these.

denial's picture


bhuempfne's picture

......use a new set of cans. My Sony's have seen better days.

gacf2008's picture

They look very nice to me, I can do with then

arron1313's picture

I'll take 2 please

lenbell's picture

pick me

dougspeterson's picture

... makes me want to give the larger models a try.

badboy07's picture

Pretty please select my name at random!

rspkt's picture

Looking for my first pair of headphones so this would be awesome!

sweepey's picture

Want 'em, want 'em, want 'em!

Slee ZZ's picture

Keep 'em coming.

calaf's picture

those look good!

fvelasco's picture

Skullcandy Navigator Headphones Sweepstakes

mixpro's picture

blue phones!

Shaffer's picture

I never win

partain's picture

And that is good.

xkaapie's picture

always ready to match accessories to HIFI. To win these would be music to my ears

choirboy's picture

would look cool in baltimore

Speakerphile's picture

Count me in!

mikepbrowning's picture

I would love to win them

panicroom's picture

Love all the headphone sweepstakes lately. Count me in ... again.

JMOTA3's picture

These SkullCandy headphones look like they are making an attempt to make a better quality product.

SoundsGood's picture

my skull has a sweet tooth

xmikes's picture

nice cans!

SET Man's picture


   OK, I'm in for these. 

jhwalker's picture


pointofflash's picture

The Entry Level woke me up to Skullcandy actually having a quality listening experience.  And I thought they were all style!

Got to hear a few other Skullcandy models at the store recently, was thoroughly impressed with the difference over my similarly-priced AKGs, Koss', and Sony's.

Stephen Mejias's picture

I've been listening to the Navs for a few weeks now, and my ears have been very happy. I'll write a bit about the experience in my August column.

Good luck to all!

articspezz's picture

I'd definally take a pair! Love Skullcandy. #supremesound

Hojosbeats's picture

I would love to have these.

dprince09_'s picture

Sweet tooth, SKULL CANDY!!!

ErikaVsEveryone's picture

I've had to resort to using a crappy pair of 2 dollar headphones from a corner store since my skullcandy ink'd earbuds broke, PLEASE SAVE ME FROM THIS HELL I NEED THESE HEADPHONES.

MatterM's picture

I'm a skull candy super fan I could really use these. I have like 5 different skull candy head phones. I have even persuaded my friends to get them because of their great service and cool styles.

subroc's picture

hopefully they sound just as good.

TheMidnightSloth's picture

Who doesn't like free things?

cclragnarok's picture


Genkishi569's picture

Gaming. Headphones. Gaming Headphones. = I wish I had one of those cheeky UUUUUUUNNNNNFFFFFOOOOORRRRTUUUUUUNNNNNAAAATELY, I don't live in the U.S. hahaha

mikeandkristina's picture

So when I met the love of my life she was using headphones that were: 1) free, 2) not working on the left side, 3) "it was not a priority for me to fix them". Winning this contest will change all that.

Prole's picture

I've never heard Skullcandy headphones before - these look great.

sdrury01's picture

Hope to win a pair.

ThanatosOfOne's picture

My shure e5c's were destroyed by my 11 year old.

cpnelsonjunya's picture

Please and thank you!'s picture

these look great.  I would love a pair.


thank you for these great contests

alwool's picture

looking forward to using these.
thank you!

Jomeo's picture

Oh please, please, please, please, pick me, please!!