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Mayfield 4
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Help Please...How to play audio at 92khz from computer?

Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone can help me with an issue I'm having - I have my laptop running ubuntu connected via usb 1.0 to my Cambridge audio DACmagicplus. Problem is when I play files that are 24bit/92khz or higher the dac reads that the incoming signal is 48khz. My dac's manual says that usb 1.0 will carry 92khz and usb 2.0 is needed for 192khz. So by that my computer should be putting out 92khz from a 92 khz file. I have been using Audacious music player as it is the highest rated on the ubuntu software store. Do I need a different player? Or set something else in linux to get it to play 92khz? 

Thanks for any help folks!

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what is 92 khz? i know the cambridge can accept 192khz via coax,usb or toslink,but linux may be an issue.try windows or get a mac,works much better.usb 1.0 won't get it done.go toslink if thats all you can run via usb.

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Mayfield4, we you able to get

Mayfield4, we you able to get full resolution to play from Ubuntu?

Kal Rubinson
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I think he means 24/96.

I think he means 24/96.

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