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Narrow Dispersion speakers

I am doing some research and am hoping that Mr. Atkinson could share with me which speakers he has measured in the past decades has the narrowest dispersion. The reason is I am looking for speakers that will least interact with a room. 

I am aware that many ESL dipoles have fairly narrow dispersion. E.g., the Innersound/Sanders. Are these the most narrow dispersed designs? What about for dynamic cone speakers? Horns?



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I have recently purchased a

I have recently purchased a speaker that may give you what you are asking for in a narrow dispersion speaker. The JBL Studio 5 series which has a vertical horn works very well in my smaller room and solves the early reflection problem. I was impressed with the imaging and soundstage without the reflections confusing things. I have the standmount Studio 530's and they have three tower speakers in the range. The compression driver and horn cover the upper frequencies from 1,500 Hz and the mid/woofer or woofers cover everything below.

I have never been an affordable horn fan before but these are something special. I am not sure but the woofers are recessed and I wonder if they are time aligned? Imaging and soundstaging sounds like they are. Midrange/vocal clarity is very good and instrumental textures are incredible. Oh and they are not very expensive. Check them out.

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The Vandersteen Treo and 2C speakers will probably fill that requirement.

They do need to be a reasonable distance from the sidewalls and rear wall for best performance, but their energy is pretty much focused on the listening area.

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Legacy Whispers

One of the main goals of the Legacy Whisper is to reduce room interaction.  In fact, Legacy has gone to unheard of lengths in speaker design to accomplish this.  Read a few reviews on it in Stereophile(Class A) and elseware.  I have the original version of them and they are fantastic.

They can be placed closed to side walls and the bass is tunable via an ourboard processor.  Since it is a open baffle design, it is a much cleaner bass, but not as loud.  But, it is WAY more dynamic than Magnepans and other planar/ribbon speakers.

I have had Magnepans and Martin Logans and thought I was stuck in the planar/electrostat world for good. Lack of punch and dynamic was really getting to me over the years.  I hear the Whispers at a local audio show and I upgraded from large Magnepans to the Whisper.  The Whisper has similar qualities as electrostats and planar speakers.  No boxy colorations.  Fast and quick, as it has a ribbon tweeter and low mass freestanding large drivers(again similar to planar speakers in a sense).

It is an unconventional speaker to be sure - 10 drivers per speaker, but it comes together magically.  I reccomend.

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