Plug and play

Meredith Gabor shows off a Qv2 “harmonizer,” manufactured in Massachusetts by QRT and distributed by Nordost. The Qv2, which contains both passive and active components, is meant to be plugged into an available AC socket in the user’s listening room, as (electrically) close as possible to the system itself, and is claimed to effectively “clean up” the soundstage and improve detail and resolution. Qv2s, the effects of which are said to be cumulative, sell for $350 each.

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.... in 2020 there will be some product I can park in my driveway to clean up my sound and some seperate audio component that will cause my toilet to flush in a more pleasing laminar manner.

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These types are products pop up on a regular basis. One of the earliest that I can recall was something called the Tice Clock, or something like that. Some are probably more legit than others but whether any of them make an audible difference is up to the individual, just make sure you do your homework first.

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And, like ST, I see no reason to unplug it. ;)


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I feel a mention of this product also requires mention of use-cases to explain in what situations it's needed.