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Extreme begginer seeking help please!
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I am guessing that the reason you have not gotten a useful reply yet, is that your question is HUGE. As a minimum standard configuration you need to add an amplifier with a phono-preamp input, plus speakers. The problem is that if you want to make a smart choice, the possible combinations, configurations, brands and models are nearly limitless. Nobody really wants to just start compiling a list of possibilities, and my own opinion is that just telling you what components to buy is doing you a disservice because you will only get one option, based on what, my preferences?

Plus, a guess would have to be made even on something as simple as how much you want to spend (your choice of turntable is the only clue).  There quite a few other things to consider as well in order to make smart choices. There are a lot of decisions that need to be made that are simply personal preferences. Like in a lot of questions, what to buy can be complicated. Do you already have any equipment you will be using? I assume from the question that you do not.

A couple configuration questions, besides budget, to help narrow down the choices:

1. What is the size of the room, and how loud do you want to listen? In combination with the speaker's sensitivity, this will determine how much amplifier power is needed.

2. Are separate boxes for phono stage, amplifier, etc... desired, or are one box solutions preferable?

3. Should the speakers be optimized for bass, dynamics, and volume (larger speakers), or should they focus on accuracy, imaging, and detail. To have it all might come at a considerably higher price.

My best advice in your situation is to browse the equipment and beginner sections of even this forum, and come up with some pointed questions. Do some research, and answer all of the personal preference questions to yourself beforehand to narrow down the possibilities. Even questions on subjective issues like "Should I buy amp A or amp B?" are better than wide open questions like what amp should I buy.

Everyone likes a personal answer, but just about all the answers are already in the forums (and not only Stereophile's forum). But if you don't see an answer, come back and try a limited question.

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What do you envision. Read recommended component for phono preamps.Match up the sound you want

with condusive components or balance a soft pre amp w/ a rigid sounding cartridge. Im just beginning

too. I just bought AT95 from the recommended list. My stage will most likely be Clearaudio, cords

Audience (ate lunch coincidently w/ the Pres.) or Audioquest. Rega, Roxsan & VPI make cool stuff.

Are you a collector or music lover? I look at budget, looks & Stereophile.

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Hey guys, sorry for the late reply!

Very helpful information, thanks alot. The world of vinyl can be a little overwhelming for a begginer :P


@Demondog - I cant comment on room size at the moment as im planing on moving soon, but it wont be a large room, the apartment itself will be around 1500-2000 sqf. So The living room will be a chunk of that. Ill be listening loud but not too loud as i do not want to disturb the neighbours.

I dont have a preference on a single box set up or a seperate box setup, im just looking for the best sound quality.

For the speakers im interested in audio clarity, with a high volume capability that wont negitavley impact the clarity. Also i would like them to have good bass.

Also by budget is $2000-$3000 but i could push it to $4000 if the components upgrade would really improve sound quality.


@Et Quelle - Thanks for the response. Ill be busy reading reviews haha. Im a music lover.

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