Benchmark DAC2 HGC Digital-to-Analog Converter Sweepstakes

Register to win an Benchmark DAC2 HGC Digital-to-Analog Converter (MSRP $1995) we are giving away.


According to the company:

Benchmark has just raised the bar with the new DAC2 HGC, defining a new reference. With over 15 new features, the DAC2 HGC packs more processing power in the same DAC1 series form factor.

The DAC2 HGC is a reference-grade digital to analog converter, stereo system pre-amplifier, and headphone amplifier with infrared remote control. It supports D/A conversion of PCM sample rates up to 192 kHz, as well as direct DSD conversion. Other features include sample rate and word length display, UltraLock2™ jitter attenuation, asynchronous USB Audio 2.0, polarity switch, home theater bypass, bi-directional 12V trigger, additional analog and digital inputs and outputs, digital pass-through, and high-efficiency low-noise power supplies.

The DAC2 HGC builds upon Benchmark’s highly successful DAC1 family. Every DAC1 subsystem has been redesigned and upgraded to achieve higher performance. The DAC2 HGC includes an updated version of Benchmark's highly effective UltraLock™ jitter-attenuation system. DSP processing is 32-bits, DSP headroom is 3.5 dB, sample rate is 211 kHz, and jitter-induced distortion and noise is at least 140 dB below the level of the music - well below the threshold of hearing. Benchmark's UltraLock2™ system eliminates all audible jitter artifacts.

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yage's picture

I always liked the Benchmark DAC's...

jokeka's picture

count me in.

lionelag's picture

over the $300 Focusrite DAC/ADC that I currently have serving duty....

JaredBeebe's picture

Well, sign me up, this would be pretty nice out in a field camp for tunes.

bullfr's picture

Amazing website. Thanks !

Osaroh's picture

So far I have purchased a MPA1 and a DAC1 HDR for live audio and digital playback for audio on a laptop (Apple). The MPA1 sings no matter what I put in microphone wise. The DAC1 HDR is amazing... I purchased for transporting audio from a laptop for a theater that I manage as more and more film makers are coming in with Hard drive rather than DVD's or Blu-Rays. So I "Borrowed" the unit for home. I love vinyl but I listened to some of my old CD's via the TosLink input and wow. It is now my go to unit for Pro audio, I Master, Mix, Microphone check using a set of Bayerdynamic DT880's and my Live audio mixes are 100% better. I can imagine how the DAC2 HGC will sound, I wish I could afford one for myself.

QandA's picture

I would love to add one to my system. Thanks!

Bixby's picture

This would be a great excuse to get some DSD files to try.

Dunadan's picture

All you need is an account on this website...and a residence in the United States.

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jim777's picture

Please make my day! ;)

Craig Simon's picture

Sure would look good in my system!

Cabbagehead's picture

I'd love to add this to my system

ksmaguro's picture

Rockin' contest!

Reverend Amish's picture

Pick me!

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...would make an excellent addition to my system!

MatthewTLea's picture

In the immortal words of Charlie Sheen: "Winning!"

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rbbert's picture

This would work out just fine for me...

rpali's picture

*Love* my DAC1, but I could put the HT bypass to very good use!

cpnelsonjunya's picture

Please and Thank you

William Liu's picture

Count me in! I have DAC1 from benchmarkmedia since it was just 890 USD! I wanna WIN!

Dredus's picture

I want to win an expensive thing. 

4ball's picture

That is a beautiful DAC!

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I'll take one!

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Not likely to win but why not register. 

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count me in

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Benchmark DAC2 HGC Digital-to-Analog Converter Sweepstakes

sngldad's picture

help this single dad out and hook him up with the dac2 .angle

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This would be an extremely welcome addition to my music set up.

ejgarcia79's picture

I so want. My stereo would love 

Sts9fan's picture

Pick me!

morserotonin's picture

wanted to hear a benchmark product!

tincanfury's picture

in for 1

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OK, I will accept this as a prize!

Audio nut's picture

I could really use this for writing some new music.

Daza's picture

The missing part of my set up.Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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whoohoo, better music experience!!

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this would be a great addition to my system.

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oh yeah gimme gimme gimme

Tonedeaf77's picture

yes siry i likey

struts's picture

...I must be the last person on the world!  


Now how do we rectify that?? :)

sceeter's picture

this website has an unexceptibly low number of cat pictures. While you work to correct this glaring oversight, please send me the Benchmark dac. Thank you

albercerreda's picture

I think that the T+A german DAC is much better, but anyway this one would fit perfect in my audio system!

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I like this idea.

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yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please yes please

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Please pick me!

Jmstrmbn123's picture

Here's hoping...

JCAudio0808's picture

I can't wait to plug all my audio stuff into this amazing robot!  Eargasms for everyone!

jayg's picture

Love to have one. The reviews have all been great. Do they make a power amp?

Buckchester's picture

Count me in.

Supperconductor's picture

Yeah, been looking for a DSD capable DAC.

Dax_Frost's picture

I would certainly appreciate this fine piece of equipment.

lucien's picture

... that winning this would beat getting poked in the eye with a sharp stick by a considerable distance. Pick me, please!

Lofty's picture

Benchmark Media is a great company! Take it from me, I know. Their service is second to none. They go the extra mile to satisfy their customers.

chris_nyc's picture

Looks very impressive.

mauidj's picture

I'm an analog lover but this would be a fantastic start to discovering the world of computer audio. aloha!

tejastiger61's picture

  Now  let me get  this  straight .   At some point  in the  future  your  companys(BENCHMARK) geauxing  to  call me up/ e-mail me. And  surprise me  with  good  news  that  I  have  won ..     this  new  dacer thingy.     I  am  hoping Benchmark   does NOT DISAPPOINT  me.


jknapp's picture

I'd love to hear how it sounds! 

SoundsGood's picture

Sounds even gooder with a new DAC

soundguy1212's picture

Count me in. Would love to add to my system

markt's picture

I want one please!

mrjvak's picture

Of course I want one!

rkrug20's picture

This would go great with my Mac Mini!

mdonohue's picture

Connect my computer to the Benchmark and then to a pair of Crown I-Tech 5000 HD amps and the new forthcoming JBL M2 Master Reference Monitors! How's that! Probably not what you would expect, huh.

Bill B's picture

make me win or this puppy gets it

merkaels's picture

I'd love to have it!

sonomamac's picture

I could use a great DAC like the Benchmark.  Wish me luck!

ibefa20's picture

try get one

Bubbamike's picture

I wanna it, I wanna it, I wanna it!

QuantumGhost's picture

I think that I will never see

A DAC as pretty as the HGC.

The jitter attentuation is a real sensation.

And on this murder of a converter

no one would ever figure a 12-volt trigger.

monkey046's picture

Someone's gonna be very happy!

Dufre's picture

I'm very curious how this DAC will handle my DSD sources. It's very welcome!

Ombudsmann's picture

I am all in for the Benchmark. Thanks so much.

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ster4610's picture

I'm in!

spoof_101's picture

I have been wanting to try out some of Benchmark's gear ever since I first learned about them! My current budget has kept me from being able to though, so I was beyond excited to see this sweepstakes! Thank you for the chance.

allnewsanchor's picture

I so appreciate you giving your readers a fantastic opportunity such as this.

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moosehunt63's picture

Would love to upgrade my DAC1 USB.

muzikhot's picture

Nice DAC but too expensive.

junk's picture

been wanting to get it

abderrahim's picture

only people from US can win!

JHClancey's picture

Great incentive to register

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Would be nice to have!

spinsLPs's picture

Benchmark just gets better and better!

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Amazing product..... 'nuff said!

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Oh yeah, I sure would like to win that!

brucks's picture

Winning a Benchmark DAC would be almost like winning the lottery!

desperaudio's picture

Always has been - right out of the get go. I've just never had the luxury of having one in my rig!!

gabeslotnick's picture

Definitely want one. Benchmark makes great gear.

manatee's picture

Is an awesome company, they make solid no fills AD/DAs.  Glad to just read about their products.

Bent Wookiee's picture

...if I could listen to the Beach Boys on this great DAC!

mainframe's picture

using a DAC1, now wanting a DAC2 !

charlie.carlosjimenez's picture


Pick Me! It sounds like its popular by demand. Thanks!


Chilli's picture

Separate analog and digital. Dsd. What's not to like?

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Let it be me

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Would love to win this!

stephsub's picture

I'm an happy owner of the great DAC1 USB but I think it's maybe time to up grade!

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Looks sweet! Put me in the contest!

chazoramine's picture

this sounds better than my onkyo receiver? I would guess, probably.

Crossing my fingers the interweb gods let me win this!

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A new DAC would be wonderful.

Grayfossil's picture

I can be Random

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I love this DAC . 

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Neve had a standalone DAC

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I'm in.

redsandvb's picture

Whatta great prize!  cool

w allen's picture

This would make a great birthday present for my dad! He needs a new pre-amp and could really use a great DAC like this.

capdever's picture

This looks awesome!

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BudgetAudiophile's picture

As a Budget Audiophile, I think winning a great product from Benchmark & Stereophile would be an awesome addition to the further education of my 6 yr old Budding Audiophile son.  He would love to hear some Miles Davis or Jack White pumping through this all purpose component!

ryanyim's picture

DAC Needed... 

archiej's picture

I am new to sterophile equipment and I am just starting to shop for equipment. The Benchmark Dac2 would be nice to win to start off building my system.

batman44's picture

    This is the exact DAC I'd purchase if I had a $2000 DAC budget. My fingers are crossed!

taitg's picture

digital to analog... yes, please.

nile49's picture

but this ones mine! : )

clarus's picture

Just what I needed!

om05964's picture

I really need a new DAC, as in I don't currently have one.

shelbyd's picture

Gimme 'da DAC--please.

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haimoc's picture

Please count me in.  Thanks.

eatapc's picture

Great contest. Count me in.

mr_bill's picture

logged in and ready!

Bill H324's picture

A DAC to die for would round things out nicely!

morthall's picture

Fingers crossed... :o)

JohnBal's picture

Like Benchmark. Good luck everyone.

sharksfan's picture

Thanks for the opportunity

amadeuswus's picture

which probably uses a Benchmark product or two.  A DAC2 would be the perfect stablemate for my DAC1 Pre. 

d.strohmeier's picture

the little bits.

MickeC's picture

...the color?

B9at627's picture

...a contest for people outside the 50 United States and District of Columbia?


like me, for example.  

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enter me in the drawing!

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I wouldn't mind if I owned this.

gionaz's picture

congrats for the review


rgcards's picture

nice product

trick211's picture

Yes Please!

BrandonD's picture

Would be an excellent addition.

eeifb's picture

Awesome pre-amp DAC combo! plus DSD support!'s picture

Wow what a DAC and DSD device. Way to go Benchmark!!

beek's picture

I have been tinkin bout pickin one of these up

tcharvet's picture

I will be waiting for it in the mail :)

jeffreyfranz's picture

I want it, I want it!

jayyy's picture

I hope you have a wonderful day.  smiley's picture

Best prize ever!

liav.teichner's picture

Wouldn't it be nice if we were older?

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Come on Stereophile!