Benchmark DAC2 HGC Digital-to-Analog Converter Sweepstakes

Register to win an Benchmark DAC2 HGC Digital-to-Analog Converter (MSRP $1995) we are giving away.


According to the company:

Benchmark has just raised the bar with the new DAC2 HGC, defining a new reference. With over 15 new features, the DAC2 HGC packs more processing power in the same DAC1 series form factor.

The DAC2 HGC is a reference-grade digital to analog converter, stereo system pre-amplifier, and headphone amplifier with infrared remote control. It supports D/A conversion of PCM sample rates up to 192 kHz, as well as direct DSD conversion. Other features include sample rate and word length display, UltraLock2™ jitter attenuation, asynchronous USB Audio 2.0, polarity switch, home theater bypass, bi-directional 12V trigger, additional analog and digital inputs and outputs, digital pass-through, and high-efficiency low-noise power supplies.

The DAC2 HGC builds upon Benchmark’s highly successful DAC1 family. Every DAC1 subsystem has been redesigned and upgraded to achieve higher performance. The DAC2 HGC includes an updated version of Benchmark's highly effective UltraLock™ jitter-attenuation system. DSP processing is 32-bits, DSP headroom is 3.5 dB, sample rate is 211 kHz, and jitter-induced distortion and noise is at least 140 dB below the level of the music - well below the threshold of hearing. Benchmark's UltraLock2™ system eliminates all audible jitter artifacts.

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lmf22's picture

I actually had a dream about the DAC2 last night.  I woke up with an intense desire to listen to one.  True story.  But I am a Ph.D graduate student and money is tight right now, so I guess the DAC2 audition will have to wait... unless... I win this.  

AndrewF's picture

That would work quite nicely in my setup.

jhadley's picture

I love the DAC1 and would love to be able to upgrade to the DAC2.

Robfine59's picture

To set this baby up in my library!

internethandle's picture

Always happy to enter an excellent Stereophile contest.



TreAdidas's picture

Count me in on this one!!

s10sondek's picture

Thanks for running this sweepstakes!  This constitutes my entry.

emmanuelv's picture

Would love to win this beauty :)

Bill N's picture

Would love to upgrade to this baby!

stilespj's picture

All your bits are mine!



techtape's picture

I deserve it more than others!

phill's picture


Re-Animator's picture

This would look (and sound) great in my system.  Please pick me!

Eagle13's picture

This looks like the best DAC out there

niten's picture

Cheers to audio!

sfactor23's picture

hopefully! Thanks!

ac714's picture

Count me in!

rnarumi's picture


idigmingus's picture

Ain't nobody got time for that!

I'm your winner!

GloryUprising's picture

For the chance. I am looking into building a balanced setup. 

mvaltieri's picture

I whish I could read more reviews about it, but I was about to get it anyway by December. Better if you send me one free!!

hypernox2001's picture

My logitech needs a mate....

HIFIMAN-HE-400's picture


d99ivar's picture

Nice DAC is nice

evaldoaltino's picture

This is mine! Thanks!

MiLKMAN's picture

This DAC would be great upgrade for enjoying music even more :)

dougsing's picture

Hit me!

lellis's picture

I have been using a Benchmark DAC1 USB since 2008 and it allows me to get a very decent sound even from modest sources like a netbook, the iPad and also my Squeezebox Duet (when it works...).

The DAC2 seems to be a great product and surely would give me a reason to dig deeply in the field of computer audio, starting with a new, up-to-date music server.

js's picture

I have been looking so much at this one to upgrade my system. What a great opportunity! Finger crossed...

daddyx's picture

This would make a nice upgrade to my system. On the other hand, this would force me to upgrade my system. Wishful thinking on my part, I guess.

WishTree's picture

This looks like a great a DAC and might be the right answer for a very long search!

euidon's picture

Rock me baby~~~

dave2dreams's picture

Pick me please.

stebaht's picture

Muchas Gracias :)

ednazarko's picture

I've got just the place for this...

Greg121986's picture

I would love for the DAC2 HGC to transport me into a state of bliss with asynchronous USB. 

Pericomojado's picture

Muchas Gracias!

docdan50's picture

looks good

Pjay's picture

win it

karlrborne's picture

I can't believe how many give aways you all have.  Thanks.

SimplePleasures's picture

I want it!

rep4ever's picture

Direct DSD, one of the best DAC's on the market regardless of cost, and a better chance of winning than the Hoosier Lottery all for free? OK!

mav52's picture

Looks like a nice unit, I want one, But I can't wait for someone to do a comparsion against the Mytek DSD 192 DAC

prerich45's picture

Gimme' dat!!!!! I mean, may I please aquire that dac? winkcool

mohit25's picture

or you won't. i hope you do though :-)

neogeo's picture

This would be great to have.

Jon T. Gale's picture

Direct DSD?! I've been waiting. Count me in!

snorin's picture

Count me in please.

nielsabel's picture

I'm interested.  Looks like a nice piece of equipment.

james's picture

thanks to Benchmark and Stereophile for this contest! Nice feature list on this thing.

Capucco's picture

... is a sublime piece of gear.

I'm crossing fingers (and toes) that I can get hold of it!





WillWeber's picture

a nice musical addition!

James.Seeds's picture

I'm feeling Lucky today

scardeal's picture

I'd take it.

Spotcheck Billy's picture

......please choose me!

SebieDreamtime's picture

Exactly what my system "needs" right now!

johnmotex's picture

Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

andymoore's picture

This would be a dream come true!   Really, honestly, just last night I had this very dream!  

ghostman's picture this thing on? Hello? Hello? come I ....oh. there I am. :) Good luck!

KP Mishra's picture

It will be a great addition to any stereo setup,



Ric Flinn's picture

I have been *very* interested in this product. Winning one would make my whole year.

Jer99's picture

Bought one a couple of weeks ago - it is absolutely sensationally good .. a step change in quality and pleasure .. don't dream about winning competitions guys, try one out at home now!

Vicolindo's picture

Just got the Sennheiser HD-650 cans! With this DAC I will be in audio nirvana!

CosmicHippo's picture


and thuaaaaaaaaaank you

CThru's picture

Fingers crossed...

TiFramelock's picture

This would certainly be a nice way to start...thank you for the opertunity. The funny thing is that I'm in the market for a new DAC right now and that's what brought me to the website in the first place. 

Thanks again.

martin_leves's picture

Would be great to win this dac!

kylewest's picture

fingers crossed!

nonoise's picture

I love it when Christmas comes early.

chrisartuad's picture

Dream into reality
Benchmark of hope

Et Quelle's picture

I was saving for the Primaluna and thought about buying the Centrance at T.H.E Show in Las Vegas last month. It was one of the few products you can buy and haul from T.H.E. Show in one punch. He offered it for $500 bucks. I do not know if it was new though it probaly was out of the box. Better than the $795, I have seen on the net. Just building my listening room, apart from the home theatre. I would love to start it with a free Benchmark, even though you guys believe it is more subtle than Centrance. Isn't a dac supposed to drastically improve the sound. Although you recommend the Benchmark!cheeky

mjazz's picture

for a long time. Would love to try DSD

bmad's picture

Looks like a great DAC

Meta's picture

Very nice, I thank you in advance!

KoSe's picture

coluld be a welcome addition to my system.

bprochford's picture

Please let it be this one.

Scloue's picture

There is someday, being a canadian is so difficult to accept

wudai_e's picture

Been dreaming for one for so long!

desmondjim's picture

Me Please

StCugat's picture


hutmacher's picture

Pick me

nowave's picture

Bring it on! 

sbjork's picture

  . . . would be nice.

cortes's picture


It would be great to win one of these.

GuyinVictoria's picture

The new Dac2 HGC from all accounts will be music to my ears.  Please include me in this contest & my ears will thank you.

selarom's picture

I've been looking at this particular DAC for a while. It has some very cool features. I personally like the HT bypass mode so I can integrate it directly to my home theather system.


Please, I want one!!

niarfe's picture

Thank you Stereophile and benchmark for giving us the chance to win this!!

I cannot afford one right now, and winning this would mean a lot to me and my music passion!!


Please choose me!


Thanks again.

jajur's picture

This would go extremely well with my SBT -> Naim Nait XS -> Dynaudio Contour S1.4

It's exactly what I need!

chris158b's picture

Great addition to a system. Good that it has asynchronous USB. Yes please.

pbhatt's picture

Great price/performance ratio at no cost!

NeoVibe's picture

I am pretty sure luck will be on my side on 28th Feb!

uvrmd's picture

Pick me Monty!

berlinguyinca's picture

since it would be a nice match for my amplifiers.

MSEdell's picture


My system *needs* the help  :P

Vogelhaus's picture

It's about time I won something.. 

BKinTheBK's picture

but only if art dudley joins me

clbgld's picture

Count me in!!

jgossman's picture

Me please!

SpursGator's picture

...and it worked on me!

JennMartin's picture

Thank you for this opportunity!

silverjd's picture



Esaslow's picture

Love to have one.

ksamynathan's picture

Count me in!

PurestAV's picture

I have had my eye on this for a while. It would be a great addition to my system.

davidmcc's picture

This would be great!

Holygeezer's picture

This is one fantastic looking and I surmise sounding piece of equipment. It would be just what the Doctear prescribed to complete my simple system. Here's hoping. No matter who wins, I thank those folks who are making this sweepstakes happen.

NA Blur's picture

Putting the new DAC to through the ringer is what I intend to do.

rschryer's picture

I'd love it, thanks!

crazymexican's picture

Please this poor fellow needs a new DAC :)

sat7's picture

Oh yes ! Win Win Win !!!

ctmurphy's picture


ElizabethS's picture

Over on Audio Asylum they are all complaining about the Benchmark DAC1 being used for the Beatles remasters.. And the Class A rating from years ago... So time to pop for a review of this Benchmark DAC2.

I will be happy to give you my opinion when I win it.

Thanks in advance.

Love you guys..

emarca13's picture

Great price.

matt123's picture


Dan12345's picture

When is the draw going to happen?

musicistheanswer's picture

Please.  For the love of g*d.  Let me win this.

trynberg's picture

This would be great for my (evolving) computer audio setup.

Msegal's picture

Thank you.

Speakerphile's picture

Can always use a new DAC!

areitord65's picture

If I win this, it will be an step up from my Benchmark DAC1.

badboy07's picture

They killed SACD so I need a DSD DAC to get my fix.

ebarberena's picture

I´ve been waiting for ages for a full featured DSD DAC and it's finally here. Now, if I can have it for free, it would be the perfect component.

badboy07's picture

They killed SACD so I need a DSD DAC to get my fix.

Huffy's picture

Come to DADDY......

rvalle's picture


ajcrisci's picture

Cant come soon enough. I'm in!

mcrushing's picture

Do I ever want one of those! Pick me, pretty please. 

itsratso's picture

nice dac.

AvilleAudio's picture

for my new DAC!

Jackblues's picture

I'll take it. 

SKZA's picture

Yes please. 

Demondog's picture

Sure, at this point I just want to win one of these contests. But I also would love to have the Benchmark for my AV (tv) system.

CB3874's picture


I would like to throw my hat into the ring.

highinfidelity's picture

Its time

ahuesjp's picture

I am new to the loudspeaker side of audiophilia. This DAC seems like a great upgrade to my system.

caffeinefreedavid's picture

I have a dream that some day someone at a Stereo magazine/webpage will take pity on me and provide me with a basic digital system.  A system from the wall plug to the notes coming out of the speakers.  Yes a dream but a dream that puts me to sleep every night. 

TravisPatrick's picture


eorr23's picture

to win this!!!!

BlueSteelAudio's picture

yes please

Currawong's picture

Can't say no to this!

Algee's picture

  Make my Digital Analog.

cdm's picture

I'm in....

CJB's picture

Lets see how the Benchmark competes with my noisy laptop fans!

jronning92's picture

This is a comment.

zandorseven's picture

Me too!

Kartik's picture

This would be perfect for my system -- please pick me!

ironsienna's picture

Me too!! thank you :) :)

PeterMooreSmith's picture

Sign me up!

wendellkb's picture

looks like an improvement

awehns's picture

lucky day?