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iPod Classic through iDac dock

I was recently reading that using an Airport express to stream from your computer into a DAC via Toslink cable, is a great way to get a straight digital signal into your hi-fi system.  however the Airtunes feature downsamples the stream to 16/44khz before sending it along.

I was wondering if anyone knew whether anything like this happens when playing lossless files directly to the DAC via iPod using the dock.  Or whether higher resolution files will even work with an iPod at all?

Bill B
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I understand that the iPod does not output anything other than 16/44.  So one way around that is to play your hi-res files from your computer into the stereo, via the appropriate (built-in or external) DAC.

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I used to use an iPod Classic

I used to use an iPod Classic with a Wadia 171 iTransport to a Bryston BDA1 DAC, and it sounded great with Apple Lossless files.  Now I use it a work with a Benchmark DAC1 and headphones.  

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