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are my old AR 1 loudspeakers out of date and should I change to B&W CM 9 ?


I am new to these forums and not a real audiophile, and hope to glean some experience from you all here. To see if my old AR 1 speakers are useless dinosaurs as the salesman described them...

After over 12 years I am updating my equipment and I currently have a bit of  hodge podge and my old ONKYO amplifier is giviing up the ghost, the old center B&W speaker has been attacked by tiny hands, with old battered JBL rears and so I have decided to upgrade.

The main question is the speakers, I need a 5.1 integrated set and have 95% settled on the B&W CM9 with matching centers and rears from the series.

My old front speakers ae in excellent condition and are AR 1's circa 1999, with built in Sunfire subwoofers.  I was told by a salesman that these were old and outdated and would be outclassed by the CM 9's. I wanted to hear some other opinions, has speaker technology moved forward a lot in 12 years ?

We listened to the new setup and liked it a lot and so I  will probably have to change the AR 1's as they run on US power and I have to use a couple of hefty power converters to go down to 110v as I live in HK today (240v). Do they have any second hand value or are they dinosaurs ?

I need to replace the amplifier and as we listen 70% tv / movies and 30% stereo I have opted for the Yamaha 3020 efter comparing it to a Rotel and Pioneer which both sounded flat by comparison and it seems to have good reviews..

thanks for any comments and opinions...



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First of all , don't listen to salesman , they will tell you whatever they think will help make the sale , everything you own is junk and everything there selling is the best there is on the market . Don't hold that against them , if they don't sell they don't eat .

With that aside you will probably enjoy the CM9's .

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agreed - they are biased,

agreed - they are biased, thanks for the feedback!

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Why not?

Get some AR 1's used for your satellites?

It's a hunch but right next to each other with a good amp and cables, the AR 1's are probably actually better.  I'm not a big fan of kevlar coned drivers.  In order of natural tone, my experience has been paper (old AR 1), doped paper, stiff plastic (most modern British designs and I believe later AR 1's), aluminum, everything else, and after everything else, Kevlar.

Also, the larger coil/magnet gap of newer speakers is tougher to drive and lends itself to less detail and natural tone.

Or for a real treat, really piss off the salesman and have a listen to pre-Kevlar B&W's.  B&W USED TO MAKE REAL HONEST TO GOODNESS "MONITORS".

Good luck in your search.  

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