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Infinity or Pioneer?


I've pretty much decided on an HK 3490 receiver, but I'm still not sure about speakers.  The ones I'm considering right now are the Infinity Primus 163s or the Pioneer SP-BS41-LR speakers.  I listen to mostly rock, metal, and punk, and my plan is to just hook the receiver up directly to my computer.

My budget for a pair of speakers is max $200.  Should I get the Infinity or Pioneer ones, or are there ones that would be even better?  I'm also keeping an eye out on craigslist etc, so are there any I should keep an eye out for?

I have an Asus Xonar STX sound card if that makes any difference.


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Infinity Primus P163

I've heard both the Pioneer SP-BS41-LR  and the Infinity Primus P163, and the P163 are definitely better sounding to my ears than the Pioneers. They dig a little deeper into the bass and are easier to drive. The drivers in the Infinity Primus series are very good, but placed in so-so cabinets and with a so-so crossover. They really benefit from reinforcement of the cabinets, new acoustic stuffing and replacement of crossover components.

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