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Marantz amp pairing with B&W 684s

Hi folks,

After listening to many speakers, I fell in love with B&W 684s and now need to determine how to power them cost effectively. I have access to unbelievably discounted D&M employee pricing that I want to utilize. I'm wondering if the Marantz PM6004 or PM8004 will pack enough juice to bring the speakers to life for 2-channel music. Stepping up to the PM15S2B-Limited would be a real stretch financially (and upset domestic bliss w/ my fiancee who doesn't share my HiFi enthusiasm and wants to save for our honeymoon). Given that I'll be buying direct from D&M, spending lots of time auditioning amps at my dealer seems unfair. So I'd appreciate this forum's collective wisdom.

Other info: Source will be a new Marantz UD5007. Room is modest sized apartment living room (maybe 12x15x8 ft). Listening volumes are generally moderate (urban apartment, thin walls). Musical tastes are classical, jazz, and downtempo electronic (e.g., Sigur Ros, Portishead).

Longer term, I hope to pair this TBD amp (for front two channels) with a SR5007 or SR6007 (TBD) to build a 5.1 music/theater hybrid setup using B&W 600 series gear (2x 686s in the rear, an HTM62 centre, ASW610 subwoofer).

Advice much appreciated.

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The 684's have a sensitivity of 90db, if all things were equal you would need at least 75 watts. 

Your future better half will likely become more frustrated if your continually upgrading, so buy once , buy right , and face the music one time.

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