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Trashing the Boss

Just when I had practically given up all hope on Stereophile along comes the December issue with not one but two reasons to believe.

First there is Thomas Conrad's review of the excellent (as per Mr. Conrad - I haven't got a chance to hear the CD yet) new Sam Rivers CD - Reunion: Live in New York. The late Sam Rivers getting some well earned respect. Thank you Thomas!

And then there is Robert Baird going way, way out on a limb and actually trashing Bruce Springsteen. This is unbelievably remarkable considering that Springsteen's fan base and Stereophile's readership most likely overlap at near 100%, i.e. middle aged white guys.


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Music Reviews

I've always felt Stereophile's music reviews were worth the price of admission alone.

Not quite 100% overlap, I'm with Robert when it comes to the Boss.












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He ain't the Boss of me

I tip my hat to Bruce for his good qualities, but to me he's just not that musically interesting.  He's interesting for his commitment and intensity in performance and a friend to the common man, etc., but he can't transport me very musically when it comes down to spinning a record.   I can't get lost in his music, although I admire his performance ethic.

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Trashing the boss?

Hah! I thought it was going to be about JA.. 

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