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Which reasonable good sound headphones won't fall off ears?


Which reasonable good sound headphones won't fall off ears?

I tried headphones with the hook around the ears and the in-ears headphones and sometimes randomly even when sitting and relaxing listening to music those headphones from time to time won't keep stable in place and suddenly fell off to the side and won't be on my ear anymore and I had to put it back again to have the headphones to fall off more times again and again.

I've been trying to find a headphone that won't fall off ears while listening to music or talking on the phone, any recommendations of reasonable good sound quality headphones to listen to binaural beats with music that won't be annoying to deal with to put it back because keeps falling off ears constantly?

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Would a full size around-ear

Would a full size around-ear headphone be OK, or does it have to be small? Is there a price limit for you?

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