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250 dollar bookshelf speakers, KEF HTS 3001 vs. KEF IQ10 (or others)


I am looking for two bookshelf speakers for a maximum price of 250 euros/dollars for the pair. 

I narowed the choise down to two speakers, the KEF IQ10 or the KEF HTS3001, I want to use them without a subwoofer at first but will buy a subwoofer later, and if i have the money move them on to use as sattelite speakers. I chose these two speakers because i know Kef has a pretty good reputation and they are within my budget. Does anyone know how these sound without a subwoofer? I am also considering the JBL studio 130's because they have great reviews and are also a bit cheaper. 

If you have any other suggestions for speakers within the budget feel free to tell me and please tell me how they sound as bookschelf speakers. If you happen to know or own a good 2.1 speaker set wich costs around 300 dollars/euros, I would like to know too. 

thanks in advance, Luke

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I have the same advice for anyone purchasing speakers. Make the effort to actually audition some speakers. Buying speakers based on a recommendation is the fastest easiest way to end up with something you don't like.

Never, never, never buy a speaker without hearing it first!

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