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The Goldberg variations

Wonderful Piano if you are not familiar with it. If you are, what recording do you have? Which recording do you think is the best? I have Glenn Gould on Columbia Masterworks Remastered CD which is very nice but was wondering if someone had heard a version that they're really fond of.

If you're not familiar and like piano, you need to add this to your library. I like it so much I want to try out several performers/recordings...

Thanks David


There is a new recording of these on Deutsche Grammaphone for harp I might try.

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A wonderful work indeed. 

A wonderful work indeed.  When I want to hear it nowadays, I usually go for Andras Schiff's ECM recording, which has vitality that is less obvious in his studio version.  Murray Perahia is also superb; it's one of his better recordings.  Yukio Yokoyama's recording has grown on me with repeated listens.  I must say that I prefer my Bach to be on the smooth an beautiful side.

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You have to listen to Angela Hewitt performing the Goldberg Variations!

E. Wilke
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Hewitt Goldberg

I cast my vote for Hewitt as well.

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How long have you got?

Hi David,

Goldbergs, now there's a subject that can keep some people talking for hours!

Can't really disagree with any of the recommendations here.  Schiff and Hewitt are a couple of the most renowned Bach interpreters of recent times and not without very good reason.  Periah, although perhaps better known for romantic works is probably actually my personal favourite of the three, he brings out an absolutely touching beauty.  But ultimately all of them are just shining a torch on the work from different perspectives, it would be churlish to argue that any of the three were not absolutely top flight, nor indeed that any of the three were fundamentally better than the others.

However I just thought I would toss a lesser known recording into the mix.  Ito Ema on M.A gives a lovely and extremely accomplished reading which is also IMHO easily the best recording of this bunch.  In fact one of the better classical piano recordings I have come across, period.

Be interested to hear which version(s) you went for and what you thought.

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From left field

Uri Caine Ensemble - The Goldberg Variations

A very interesting take on this classic work. A nice review can be found here:

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