AudioQuest DragonFly USB Digital-Audio Converter and Sydney Interconnect Sweepstakes

Register to win an AudioQuest DragonFly USB Digital-Audio Converter and Sydney Interconnect (MSRP $478) we are giving away.

According to AudioQuest:

Beautiful Sound ... From Any Computer: DragonFly is an affordable and easy-to-use device that delivers far superior sound by bypassing the poor quality sound card that is built into your computer. DragonFly is a sleek, flash drive sized Digital-Audio Converter that connects to a USB jack on a Mac or Windows PC, turning any computer into a true high- fidelity music source.

Whether you’re on the go or at home, listening on ear buds or connecting your computer to a stereo system, DragonFly reveals all the emotional expression and nuance that makes your favorite music, or movies, so enjoyable. However you connect it, DragonFly simply and easily makes any computer sound better.

Plays All Music Files: MP3 to 24-bit/192kHz
Drives Headphones Directly
Variable Output Drives Powered Speakers or Power Amp
Fixed Output Feeds Preamp or Receiver
Asynchronous Transfer Ensures Digital Timing Integrity
Two Clocks Enable Native Resolution Up To 24-bit/96kHz

For this special sweepstakes, included with DragonFly is a low-distortion AudioQuest Sydney analog interconnect cable with a 3.5mm "mini" plug at the DragonFly end and stereo RCAs at the other end. From AQ's Bridges & Falls series, Sydney is all that's required to connect DragonFly to a full-blown audio rig just like a traditional DAC or disc player, or directly to a power amplifier. Sydney employs superior materials and design, including solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ conductors, air-tube insulation, and AudioQuest's 3-layer Noise-Dissipation System for low distortion and high performance.

Click here for more info from Audioquest.

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roscoeiii's picture

I would love to win

artguide's picture

a great device.. worth every pennny...  been trying to scrounge for a second one fopr my home computer, but hard to do on a students wages!

mpanwar's picture

It's ok better DACs abound. Portable though.

miceblue's picture

I've read a lot of good reviews for the DragonFly USB DAC and would love to get my hands on one.

andrew225's picture

it is an amazing product for CAS audiophile, I am so eager to try.

d.strohmeier's picture

Digital delights! 

davidmcc's picture

This looks great

jpbas1's picture

Amazing product and most affordable for anyone in this hobby.

donunus's picture

This DAC looks like a Winner. I can also use the cables too. Count me in!

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I want one!

Chaviha's picture

Hope I win


sarcese52's picture

Been looking at this for a while. Would be great to win one.

philipjohnwright's picture

Be interesting to compare it to my Arcam rDac

bramankp's picture

Hoping this doesn't turn out to be another finicky audiophile tool and is as easy to use as I've been led to believe by reviews.

philipjohnwright's picture

I somehow managed to post the same comments twice - see above (note to self - nice try, or maybe not!)

david.parker83's picture

This would be great to take on the road!

Axiom05's picture

Please count me in!!!

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TwoChannelJunkie's picture

I neeeeeeeed this!

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Pick me.'s picture

It's for me



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ding ding ding we hava winner!

mstott's picture

this looks great- the chance for great sound from a laptop, and something to take on the road, too.

thrillcat's picture

I would LOVE to have this! Thanks for the chance!

kormoran's picture

Have one Dragonfly, need another for my son !


BR Mike

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neogeo's picture

This would be great. I need another DAC.

SDongre's picture

Would like to hear what my digital audio should sound like on my semi-expensive speakers.

deckeda's picture

... really great!

John Hall's picture

That looks like a good upgrade from my nuforce udac. C'mon JA, hook me up bro!!

Montanero's picture

Have read nothing but glowing reviews for this product,  would love to have an opportunity to listen and judge for myself. 

music guy's picture pony up!

Cheers to the Stereophile crew.


Audio Mom's picture

Thank you

Jeffstudio's picture

Yes, yes, yes !

.... just what I need ....

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I could win it.

ccwood's picture

Dragonfly Entry

alexk's picture

Would love these.

firev1's picture

Be hoping to use this on the road soon, thanks :)

dnsnlsn's picture

I just bought a new laptop with a horrible sound card and would love to have this USB dac! Please pick me! Cheers everyone

ninjagosg's picture

Let's go!

jgeffin's picture

Looks like great products!

john abramson's picture

sweet product; "seven come eleven"

Slee ZZ's picture

I could use an outboard DAC.  My iMac is a wonderful device, but the sound card leaves a bit to be desired.  I roll the dice...

garysi13's picture

I'm in for this!

wesleyhixson's picture

How convenient it would be to have great sound in such a portable package.

GeorgeHolland's picture

How Ironic that it takes a sweepstakes to get people to post on here when the importance of audio testing takes a back seat. Similar to voting for a president I suppose. Why bother when the powers that be will tell us how to think? Sad times.

Duck851's picture

Pick me!  Please please please!

W Guyll's picture

I'll take two.

Nauscicaa's picture

There are probably all kinds of reasons for it, but it always makes me die a little inside when I read "a resident of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia" on EVERY sweepstake you have :(

landondeelstra's picture

Who wouldn't want a free DAC?

Curry_Pumpkin's picture

It sure would be nice to win.

Curry_Pumpkin's picture

It sure would be nice to win.

killy's picture

That would be a great prize!!

jokeka's picture

count me in

JeffP's picture

to own and try for myself.

polar boy's picture

It would be greatly appreciated in the cold cold North.

bkeeler10's picture

I'd love to have a chance to listen to this one.  Thanks.

AndrewARCH's picture

I would love this!

nobirth's picture

That would be a great addition

noirx7's picture

Looks like a good prooduct

Uncle Oswald's picture

My little vintage system will sing like a Nightingale with that brilliant little Dragonfly DAC! Send her over, Stereophile!

swimkinney2's picture

The broke college student would absolutely love this

spin33.3's picture

...I'll bite. 


funambulistic's picture

Yes, please!

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Looks perfect to me. Sign me up!

ssorg's picture

sounds good?

MtnBeachBum's picture

Awesome, would love this!

blankdisc's picture

Listened to it during RMAF. It's great. I would like to have one very much!!!

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This device looks interesting. I hope I win.

ftzoeckler's picture

Very Cool Solution

attilahun's picture

I want. 

LOST IN LA's picture

This would pair nicely with my MacBook Air and Amarra.

matthra's picture

Please ...

I Cheat The Hangman's picture

Mr. PITA here....Why Don't You Start Calling Me Gordon!!!

kennethbgray2001's picture

i'm as good as anybody else!!

Nando1970's picture

pick me please's picture

It would be very interesting to see how this device compares to my Rega DAC.

bkirkpatrick12's picture

I need this when I travel

dwillis's picture

A great looking little unit

Tempestwolf's picture

Id love to have this for my pc!

mauidj's picture


Thank you for this oportunity :-)

mauidj's picture



sgibson389's picture

Thanks for the product giveaways. I would like to try digital sources with my stereo.

bradfro's picture

Please enter me into the contest

jeffh's picture

Pick me! Pick me!

georghem's picture

This constitutes my entry. I await my fabulous prize.

ikymagoo's picture

would love one of these!

ednazarko's picture

Unfortunately I spend much of my life away from my much loved home and photo studio audio systems.  Since I spend more time listening on the road than I do at home, I need one of these little guys to make it a bit easier to handle the road.

mwindham08's picture

Would love to replace the GoldenGate cable I just got with these!

EndersShadow's picture

Your wonderful music will bring tears to my eyes.


Would love to own this!

flyby753's picture

I would love to win this

pj's picture

Me, me, me, me, me!

nihl.strangelove's picture

just what i need

Erkit's picture

I like the sound of this. Fingers crossed.

Michael.Chernay's picture

I'm sure these would go great together on my desk at work!

limahuli's picture

labjr's picture

Did I win?

full1nelson's picture

I would love a dragonfly! The interconnect probably not as useful, but cool!

npsquire1's picture

This would be a great upgrade from my pc out..

bjyoung's picture

You are one of my sources for audiophile reviews.  Keep up the good work.

bplexico's picture

Hoping to win this one for the holidays!

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I could use that.

Malcolm02's picture

If I win I will certainly use it

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Winner winner chicken dinner.

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Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

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Give me some snoose with it as well.

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Yes, Please!

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that would be nice :D

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This would be a great addition to my computer setup!

crazymexican's picture

a good dac that would make a great adition to the collection of an on the go audiophile, like me 

bpollack's picture

I'm kinda curious what it sounds like.

Would there be an advantage to FireWire DAC?


Prole's picture

Would love to try these.

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I want to hear this!

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Inserting coin .... :-)

C. Santiago's picture

I'm in...

alien's picture home, at the office, for weekends by the sea or weekends in the mountains..

Paul55's picture

Come Fly With Me 

evaldoaltino's picture

This DAC is amazing!

Lofty's picture

If I win it will be my first step into "computer audio".

NUGA's picture

I have heard many good things about this DAC, and I hope I get the chance to hear it myself! :D

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This would be awesome!

azazmrl's picture

Would really like to try it out.

pescatore's picture

I'm in

redles's picture

I would love to have this in my office.

JIGF's picture

count me in!

sarath.chandar's picture

Great device. Only wish I could buy it :)

Hornfriend's picture

This is great and small hiFi at the same time. Great stuff!

crooner12's picture

Looks like a nifty product. I'd love to try it.

caveatemptor's picture

Fingers crossed.

Pony Coyote's picture

Need this for me rig

jba's picture

been wanting to try this product out!

fvelasco's picture

This would be fantastic

Maleficus's picture

the W

cgreen416's picture

Looks cool. Fingers crossed.

bigbuddie's picture

Was thinking about buying one this would be great!

sumbuba's picture

Stay fly

JohnnyR's picture

What if I win? BWAHAHAHAHA!

bumpyjones's picture


monkey046's picture


mrwrightkkpsi's picture

... it totally rocks.  Use with a MacBook air or similar product is the high-res audio tool of the future!  Only today!

ms1778's picture

Fly this Dragon to me...

Mortsnets's picture

I need a USB DAC.

Vogelhaus's picture

Would love to give this thing a drive! Hook it up!

pbarach's picture

I am certain this will improve the sound of music files coming from my PC

Skyline's picture

I've always wanted to give one of these a shot...

firthy's picture

It says "Win me!" so I will!

Mithrandir's picture

I would love to win!

ChrisS's picture

Thanks for the chance to win this brilliant device!

jnani's picture

Gimme one. Or send a dCS by mistake, along with some Constellation separates and something by Wilson, or was it that Magico thingie?