BSG Technologies QOL Signal Completion Stage

OMG. It’s 4pm on Sunday, the show is over, and I have three rooms left to cover. Dash to door number one. It’s already locked. Next to door number two. It’s locked as well. Is this going to be the worst episode of Let’s Make A Deal ever known to man or audiophile, I wonder, or will I find the pot of gold behind door number three?

Well, kind of. The door opens, there are boxes everywhere, and Larry Alan Kay, former co-founder of Fi—the audiophile magazine that ran all those recipes for audiophiles who like to drink and chomp while they listen—is packing up the BSG Technologies QOL Signal Completion Stage.

Oh no, says I. The Bay Area Audiophile Society asked me to host a demo of this unit when it first came out, but I was headed out of town, and missed hearing what it does. How is it possible that I’m now this close, yet so far away?

To make matters worse, Kay teased me with a brief description of the unit. “The BSG extracts and recovers information regarding natural phase that was previously buried in all signals going back to Edison’s time,” he said. “It’s information that cannot be produced by any other means, and it improves sound.”

I was just about to change the channel to Wheel of Misfortune and slink out the door, head hanging low, when I learned the good news. John Atkinson has one of these units, and intends to review it in Stereophile. Hence, even as this show report starts to come to a close, it points to the future, and to discoveries yet to come.

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I don't work for these folks; I get nothing for saying this -

The QOL device is terrific.  I have one in my main two channel system (a relatively serious system including Wilson, ARC, Transparent Audio, Pagoda, ASC equipment and room acoustics; about $90K worth of investment) and I would NEVER consider taking this unit out of the play-back chain.  What you can read in their advertisements and online at their website is absolutely true.  My system's soundstage and imaging, the music timbre's and the "air" around the individual instruments and voices is much more clear with the QOL device engaged.  Highly recommended!


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I can without a doubt tell everyone reading this........NO. Just another subjective review in other words.

The Whats Best Forum already reviewed it along with DIYaudio and HomeTheaterReview  Google it for a realistic review to see why this is adding distortion to the sound and nothing new.

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Thanks JohnnyR. I looked up the reviews you hinted at and indeed it does appear this is just another over priced component that does nothing but skew and distort the sound. Avod at all costs.