Sanders Sound Delivers

People sat up and took notice when Sanders Sound Systems released their Model 10 full-size electrostatic loudspeakers with analog electronic crossover amplifiers a few years back. The latest version, Model 10c ($13,000/pair) was delivering solid, full-range sound from a system that also includes Sanders Magtech Stereo amplifier ($5000), new preamplifier that combines both line and phono stages ($4000), and their own interconnects and speaker cables.

The source? A Tascam solid-state recorder ($400). Why such an inexpensive source for a system that costs $22,000 without cables, supports, or anything else? “Roger Sanders,” explained the man running the demo, “says that so much that is being sold is unnecessary.” I’ll bet that makes some critics of the high price of components happy. Then again, $13,000 isn’t exactly chump change.

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How did it sound?  How did that sound compare with other rooms?  How did
the sound compare with other electrostatics and Magnepan etc.....?



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I like these speakers a lot, and was wowed by them the first time I heard them. Because I had a lot of rooms to cover on the last day, when an exhibitor chose to talk over the music to the extent that any attempt at critical listening was futile, I collected what information I could and vamoosed. Hence my notes simply say, "solid, full-range sound." That translates as good and substantial, but not soul-grabbing. Would I have had a different opinion if there had been silence or a different source? I do not know.

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Could not figure out why a $400 source when I heard that I was shocked, I have heard these speakers before and I like them. I liked them at this show but a source is too important to cut back on I think. Just MHO, not judging.

Nice sounding speakers regardless!

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The Sanders is the best ESL I have ever heard. Roger Sanders is a brilliant designer. 100% American made from domestic materials. At 13k for this system, it you gets 90% to mega buck UBER systems without the fuss.

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Roger's ESL speakers and amps truly are amazing.  He is definitely a maverick when it comes to almost any sort of "audiophile conventional wisdom".  And if his stuff sounds as good as it does with modest pro audio gear...

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Even if he's correct, in a domestic situation I prefer a less narrow sweet spot.

Otherwise I agree with the favorable comments based on my limited show listens, with particular emphasis on his impressive implementation of transmission lines.