Emotiva's Pro Line

Emotiva, the Tennessee-based company whose Chinese-manufactured components have been providing a genuine taste of the high-end to large numbers of audiophiles, previewed their all-new pro line. The combination of the Stealth DC-1 24/192 DAC ($699) and Stealth 8 powered Studio Monitors ($1499/pair), due by the end of the year, was making great sound for the price.

JohnnyR's picture

So little time spent describing an affordable set up. I would have liked to have read more about them.

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Was it really necessary to mention where the product was made? I really think is Chinese made stuff was put in there for the sole purpose to diminish the brand and it's quality product. But who cares.. There are tons of people who can afford the B&W Diamonds series, and Focal speakers with XPA 1 monoblocks powering them.. Smart people buy Emotiva.

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Agree about the authors Chinese comment, not really needed. Glad to see resonable alternatives rather than the host of overpriced stuff this magazine pushes.