Being and Dreaming with MBL

I’m not at all embarrassed or ashamed to admit that there have been times when I was so distracted by a system’s appearance that I couldn’t properly appreciate its performance. Similarly, there have been times when I was so overwhelmed by a system’s price, that I couldn’t even hear its music.

But, here, in the MBL suite, just as in the Wilson/VTL suite, the sound of music was so compelling that I was easily able to ignore those aspects that are beyond my appreciation and reach. It was easy to forget the system altogether, and simply focus on the music. In fact, it wasn’t so much about forgetting the system or focusing on the music as it was about simply beingbeing as music happened around me.

And, while I certainly enjoyed the precision, transparency, and scale of MBL’s Reference Line, I was even more impressed by the excellent combination of detail and warmth presented by MBL’s smaller, less expensive Corona Line, pictured here. Listening to the XX’s “Basic Space,” it struck me that this would make a perfect system for some perfect Manhattan loft. And, though I’ll never know about that for sure, it’s fun to dream.

volvic's picture

Going into MBL rooms at Hi-Fi shows because I know how good they are and will never be able to afford them.  BTW! excellent review on the Traveler!

Stephen Mejias's picture

Thank you, Volvic.

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Now THAT'S quality ina nutshell  /S