Rocky Beginnings

Barring the unlikely resurrection of either the summertime Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago or this magazine’s own fondly remembered movable feasts of the 1990s, there is only one hi-fi event for which I would board an airplane: Welcome to Denver. And while this non-flyer is already considering renting a car and driving home Monday, I’m glad as hell to be here: I think this is going to be fun.

JohnnyR's picture

So who's going to be th first "reviewer" to talk about some silly tweek that costs way too much and gush about how wonderful it made the music sound then not follow up with a single real test later on?

 I will be waiting and watching ;)

DetroitVinylRob's picture

Don't blame you about the flying thing Art... but RMAF is THE two channel show right?

JohnnyR, I see you haven't seen that doctor yet about the bug.

Happy Listening! ;^)>

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There is a bigtime show headed to Chicago. I am amazed that Stereophile has yet to mention the partnership with Music Direct and the fact that we are almost full with five months to go until showtime. This is a serious audio show that will make a home in Chicago for the future and aim's to rival all the best that Chicago has offered. Don't miss  AXPONA Chicago 2013.