Dynaudio plus T+A plus Octave

Across the hallway from the Xeo dem, on the fourth floor of the Marriott Atrium, Dynaudio and T+A featured two systems. The one I heard delivered solid, satisfying sound from Dynaudio’s Focus 260 floorstanders ($4900/pair) driven by T+A’s Power Plant balanced Vollverstärker integrated amplifier ($3100) and Music Player balanced multi-source CD player/DAC/streaming client ($4400). The latter can be controlled with T+A’s recently released Control App.

A second system, which was not running when I visited the room, paired Dynaudio’s Confidence C1 Signature loudspeakers ($8500/pair) with the world debut of Octave’s forthcoming KT120-based V90 Tube Integrated Amplifier ($8000) and T+A 24-bit, 384kHz asynchronous DAC 8 ($2900). Also waiting to be heard was the world premier of Octave’s forthcoming HP 300 SE tube preamp ($7750, or $8400 with MC phono). Straight Wire did the cable honors in both systems.

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It is always fun to see a piece of equipment one owns featured at a show. I was fortunate enough to purchase a brand new T+A Power Plant at 2/3 off retail on Audiogon because the (then) US distributer pulled the plug on the brand and the dealer wanted to get rid of his stock (this was right before Dynaudio picked 'em up). The price was right at my upper limit and I do not regret it one bit - I only wish I could afford more T+A gear!

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The Dynaudio room was really nice this year featuring the new Focus 260s and T+A gear and the other rack, which featured the new Confidence C1 Signature and the new Octave preamp, power amp, and V90 SE integrated. 

For those interested, the beautiful racks that displayed both the wonderful T+A and Octave gear were exclusively designed and hand-crafted from rock maple by Kanso Audio racks, and are available in a variety of woods, finishes and designs. The rack with the Octave gear was beautifully matched with veneers matching the Confidence C1 Signature's gorgeous mocha finish.