Stereophile 2012 Recommended Components iPad App Now Available for Free Download

Stereophile is pleased to announce the availability of the free 2012 Recommended Components iPad app.

Available Now
The app is available right now for free download to your iPad in the iTunes store. In iTunes, search for "Stereophile Recommended Components" or follow this link to the iTunes store from your web browser.

This app includes all current Recomended Components as listed in the recent issue of Stereophile as well as additional ratings and listings that could not fit in the print version. There are over 700 component rankings in all and the app is compatible with all iPad hardware versions including retina displays.

Search and Full Reviews
Each component is ranked and most include links directly to the full review on The app also allows you to sort by component category and features quick search.

Tagged Items
An additional app feature is the ability to "tag" any item in the listing to create your own curated list of items for future reference. You can add and delete items from this list as needed. Just tap the "checkmark" graphic next to each entry to add it to your list.

Due to the immense amount of text in the Recommended Components, we don't have an iPhone version at this time. However, we will continue to update the Stereophile Recommended Components iPad app with new features and ratings additions and welcome your comments.

dalethorn's picture

Pressed the button and immediately got an eyeful of the goodies that I come here to read about. Excellent.

volvic's picture

How about those of us who have a Playbook? of Android tablet? Any solutions for us who don't have an iPaytoomuch tablet? 


John Atkinson's picture

How about those of us who have a Playbook? of Android tablet? Any solutions for us who don't have an iPaytoomuch tablet?

The app will be available on this website as regaular HTML next Monday (God willin' and the creek don't rise.)

John Atkinson

Editor, Stereophile

volvic's picture

Excellent, thanks for the quick reply, my Playbook eagerly awaits. 


Nizodizo's picture

Every time I try to put Apple anything on my well temperd computer it goes BATSHIT crazzy!

Why itunes? Stereophile has one of the best matained websites on the internet. Do us all a favor and keep the "Apple requires a licence before we will do buissness with you" off of my PC!

deckeda's picture

"Every time I try to put Apple anything on my well temperd computer it goes BATSHIT crazzy!"

Ever consider that "crazy" is just dyin' to be set free, and that maybe, just maybe, your immature platform flamewar verbiage is just this side of stupid? Rage on, brother, rage on until your last breath!

The version I want will be hand-lettered caligraphy on fine linen paper culled from aged cyprus -no, persimmon -no, farm-raised oak and delivered by a uniform-wearing carrier pidgeon trained to squawk, "Thank YOU" straight to my house.


I could've ponied up a day's lunch money for a subscription to either the print or Zinio product (hey, don't need an iDevice for that, either) and received it and more, months ago. No Internet whining necessary!

Seriously kids, try it sometime.

Spectre's picture

He's right though, Apple does suck.

dalethorn's picture

Apple definitely is a mixed bag. The iPhone is incredible, and to a lesser extent the other touch devices. Putting 100 apps, a thousand key documents, thousands of hirez photos, thousands of high quality 320k MP3's, thousands of video clips etc. all on the same pocket-sized computer** at the same time is, simply incredible. Note to Apple: Increase memory to 128 gb soon.

Now what were those complaints I had, hmmm, let me get back to you on that.

**One app, just one of many, is a full-blown implementation of the HP-48 pocket computer.

micheal90's picture

Apple's iPhone does not offer native site specific web filtering or restrictions. It does offer a restriction setting where access to Safari can be turned off completely. Restricting safari even removes the browser's icon from the home screen. There are paid applications in development for specific site filtering, but for safety in the meantime turn off safari altogether.Thanks.

ike6's picture

That's true, this is for safety reason that you must turn off safar.  I already downloaded this application and it's working good here in my iPad and iPhone. How about for Android?