Source Interlink Announces, a New Website Edited by Michael Fremer!

Keith Pray, Publisher of the Source Interlink Home Tech Network, is delighted to announce the launch of the newest Home Tech Group website, edited by the world’s foremost proponent of analog technology, Michael Fremer.

Michael Fremer’s AnalogPlanet will be the premier source for information and reviews of new analog products including turntables, cartridges and phono preamps as well as accessories and set-up tips. Michael’s more than 200 "Analog Corner" Stereophile columns will eventually be posted to AnalogPlanet, as will select analog product reviews originally published in Stereophile. Michael’s reviews and columns in Stereophile may be enhanced with further material on AnalogPlanet. (Michael’s popular column "Analog Corner" will continue to appear in Stereophile.)

AnalogPlanet is another valuable resource complementing Source Interlink’s Stereophile, Home Theater, InnerFidelity and AudioStream websites, bringing readers a vast depth of knowledge with which to build a satisfying system from end to end.

Visitors to Fremer’s popular website MusicAngle will be redirected to where all of MusicAngle’s content will be easy to access. We look forward to seeing you at AnalogPlanet where the Ultimate Analog Man will keep you in touch with the rapidly expanding world of analog audio!

Click here to check it out.

PBNAUDIO's picture

Looking forward to it - and thank you for "pioneering" sticking to the real format  :-)



Stephen Scharf's picture

Now, just waiting for the content to appear that is listed in some of the links (e.g. the USB microscope article, vinyl buying guide, etc.).

Where's the setup tips?

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I'm still waiting for Mikey's CES report, which never appeared in show reports, or in his column, as was promised by JA. It's now June...

Stephen Mejias's picture

Michael's CES report appeared in our April issue, pages 31-39.

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Many thanks, Stephen, for pointing out Michael's CES report...I'll go look it up.