DSPeaker Does It All for $1099

SimpliFi's Tim Ryan was demming the Gradient Revolution speakers and Bladelius amplification he had shown at the New York Show, but now with two pairs of dipole woofers. But pride of place in his room was the DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core processor from the VLSI company ($1099) shown in the photo. Tim was using the fully remote-controlled DSPeaker box as a D/A preamp—it has a volume control, shown on the front panel—but it can do so much more: digital-domain parametric equalization; digital room correction up to a user-selectable upper limit of 80Hz to 500Hz; it can even be used as a two-way digital-domain crossover with fully adjustable slopes and crossover frequencies. Kal Rubinson is scheduled to receive a sample for review forthwith.

bshoe21's picture

This was one of my last visits at the show and it made a very favorable impressoin on me becasue I had just spent considerabel time in the MBL room with the big stuff WOW you never heard Tommy Like That Before!...then across the hall the moderately priced MBL spekaers at 22K a pair and heard an impressive, bot not conviencing, Copland's Fanfare...but then ended up in the Gradient Room with a( $1,100 Duo Core Dac Pre-Amp Dsp) direct to the Bledalious Amp...4K ...to  The Gradient Speakers with crossover and "smart base moduals" 15K for all.... were also playing Copland's Fanfare...are you kidding me? This was the most realistic bass and brass presentation I heard all day..What a nice sound stage with dynamics galore...this was getting the music right and  in my opinon the best sound I heard all day. Loved the New Herbeth 30.1s smaller sound but...very,.very nice with some average elctronics. I will own "smart base" soon...game changer.