The Tweak Studio & Burmester & Walker

As well as providing the sound for the seminar room, which was where a recorded music concert, titled "Euphoria at the Waldorf," was presented Friday and Saturday evenings, The Tweak Studio's exhibit room also featured components from the premium German manufacturer Burmester: a pair of 380 Mk.2 speakers driven by a 911 power amplifier and an 088 preamp. Source was a Walker turntable and arm fitted with a Soundsmith Sussuro Hyperion cartridge. There was much to admire in this system's reproduction of Louis Armstrong singing "St. James Infirmary," but as was the case with so many of the rooms at the Waldorf, the presentation was marred by over-ripe room acoustics.

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I simply cannot understand how they can bring in a system like this and NOT treat the different than running a Formula one car ..and not tuning it up...

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Thank you for your observation Kingslug. I agree with Mr. John Atkinson that the room acoustics were marred as with the other rooms. He did admire and knows the potential of the system. You must have not raced before! Mr. Walker and the Team had 7 hours to tune a room without even seeing the venue and I admire Mr Walker for that and the system still produced a great sound for this site condition. As with a race watercraft may it be a formula one car or other class category. They too have to run across obstacles and make the most out of it. What system do you use Mr. Kingslug? I am curious since we learn everytime we come across many opinions we get :-). Do you race F-1 or F3 maybe?

Remember when racing, one cannot change the race tracks condition wheather it rains or the bumps in Brazil in F-1. All you can do is make the most of the track and win.

Mr. John Atkinson did not mention that the system was not tuned up, and only commented on room acoustic.

We appreciate your concern thank you!

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Thank you Mr. Atkinson for visiting our room and sharing your precious opinion and it is well respected. See you at the next Hi Fi Show :-)