Audio Note at SSI

A tonic for the homesick: I entered the Audio Note room and saw, in the far corners, a pair of their reliable AN-E Spe/HE loudspeakers ($9000/pair): the very speakers I own and love. (This pair was veneered in a strikingly grained raw rosewood, while mine are done up in glossy yew.) There, too, was the brand new Audio Note CD 4.1x CD player ($12,000), my review sample of which arrived at my home on the very day I left for Montreal (this according to my wife). The sound in this room was so extraordinarily good—with especially fine bass reach and drama—that I feel compelled to tweak, slightly, the positions of my own AN-Es when I get home.

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I have never been in an Audio Note room at a show and not been struck by how understated, sublime, and beautifully musical the experience is, with such a consistant regularity. It sings volumes without a person saying a single word. I realize some will gasp at the thought but, what a value, a bargain, in terms of a lifetime investment in music kit.

And Art, thanks as always for the coverage, the heads up of things to come (your review), and a great snap shot of those raw rosewood beauties, Wow, I do believe lust and true love are not mutually exclusive.

Happy Listening!

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. . . for the shout-out, Art. Sorry I missed you in the room. As Maxwell Smart used to say, "Missed it by THAT much!"

While the speakers do look like rosewood, they are actually olive. The TT Two Deluxe turntable, on the other hand, really was rosewood.