California-based Constellation Audio, represented by the well-known engineer Peter Madnick, supplied the amplification for the Magico Q3 loudspeakers. On audition were their Virgo preamplifier ($19,000) and Centaur amplifier ($24,000), set up with elegant looking (and apparently effective) loudspeaker cables and interconnects from Argento Audio of Denmark. Source components were the C1 D/A converter and D1 disc transport from CH Precision of Switzerland.

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Sorry, Sirs, but the pictures you take from Hi-Fi shows are starting to annoy me. What do you photograph with? Mobile phones? Showing images of high end audio equipment with such appalling levels of noise and substandard resolution - don't even get me started with framing and composition... - doesn't do it any justice. Come on - we're talking 20,000 and over equipment. You can get a decent camera for less than 1k. That's only a fraction of what you paid for your own personal equipment. Hey - a Canon Rebel T1 or a Nikon D3100 with kit lens cost less than a ft of high end speaker cable! And they will do a great job photographing Hi-Fi shows. You want the best sound quality, yet settle for sub-par image quality: not very coherent. Hi-Fi and photography are not incompatible, you know.

Please make your reports more pleasant to our eyes. Please...!

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I think the errors (Rankin) and omissions (Rogue price, smaller Waterfall speakers) and failures to even try to describe concepts (Tri phonic) are much more pertinent than image quality of photos snapped just for the web. But then I'm an audiophile, not a shutterbug. Those rooms are often lit so as to make decent photography implausible, anyway.

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Well, I'm an audiophile and a 'shutterbug'. I win!

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Since that photo is very grainy. How's that a win for a self described shutterbug? It's actually a crushing, soul and irony sucking defeat for you. Face it.

My argument was that the pic quality doesn't matter to me - because the ear brain system is far more resolving than the eye brain one in terms of sensitivity - and that many of these rooms make better photography unlikely, anway.