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Soundfield Audio, a speaker company which launched six months ago in Tampa, was making a considerable mark with its Soundfield Audio Monitor 1 ($1300/pair) and larger Soundfield Audio System 2 ($7500/pair with separate subwoofers). The Monitor 1 is a 3-way bookshelf that claims to reach down to 38 Hz ±3 dB, and boasts a passive 5.25" midwoofer and 1" tweeter united in a coincident coaxial driver, and an 8" active long-throw subwoofer. Not yet posted or detailed on their website is the larger System 2.

As you might expect, there were huge differences in bass slam and overall impact from the two different set-ups. I was especially taken with the bass, depth, air, and detail of the bigger speaker package. But even the $1300 monitors, however, delivered solid sound that turned heads and influenced people. Source was a laptop running Windows Media Player, feeding a NuForce uDAC-2, VT 01 preamp, and MB 200 monoblocks. (I can't find the last two on NuForce's website, but it's what company founder Ammar Jadusingh, shown in the photo, scribbled in my notepad.

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On the monitor, yes it is.

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Jason, my apologies for not being able to scribble clearly :-).

The amplification for the 1812 Overtures (larger 2pc sub/sat system) was the Power Modules (by David Belles) MB-200 (SS) monoblocks, driven by the VT-01 preamp (tube). All cabling was WyWires Silver series (USB, ICs, power and speaker wires). Power conditioner was a Pi Audio Group MajikBUSS (RevB).

The bookshelf Monitor 1 stand mounts were driven by the small black components on the bottom shelf, Power Modules Soloist 5 power amp and Soloist 3 preamp. Cabling was WyWires Blue series.

Thank you for the kind words. Thoroughly enjoyed the show...and the Friday night symphony.



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I do not believe the price per pair given for the Soundfield Audio Monitor 1 ($1300/pair) and the description of its drivers, including an actively driven woofer and KEF coincident unit, can be reconciled, even if there were low quality electronics inside. Not in the long run, anyway.

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Those are my entry level speakers that I sell at near cost. I do not depend on Soundfield for my livelihood...and intend to keep it that way.

There are no "low quality" electronics used, as far as the soundwaves/soundfield is concerned.

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