Arcam rDAC Sweepstakes

Register to win a Arcam rDAC audiophile-grade Digital to Analog Converter (MSRP $479) we are giving away.

According to Arcam, the rDAC's sleek cast aluminum case, hides the latest digital technology, including the outstanding Wolfson 8741 DAC. With coaxial, optical and USB inputs, the rDAC renders music with stunning accuracy and musicality.

Uses for the rDAC are endless. CD Players, Internet Radios, cable boxes and game stations can be connected via coaxial or optical leads to deliver a dramatic increase in sound quality. PCs and Macs can feed the rDAC via USB using the Asynchronous USB re-clocking circuitry to almost eliminates the jitter and noise associated with music in computer environments.

The results from the highly affordable rDac are thrilling regardless of the digital audio source.

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The final step (and only step for those who already have an account) is to log in and leave a comment right here on this announcement—any comment will do, as long as it's not profane or spam. Then, when the sweepstakes closes, a lucky commenter will be chosen at random to receive the prize. So post a comment, and good luck!

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[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

ozpaul's picture

Please count me in!

isyoox's picture

Yes please. 

CaptainVinyl1's picture

At last a chance to make the world safe for better sound

MWaehner's picture

Yeah, I want that. I definitely want that.

mokes's picture

An audiophile friend listened to this DAC and told me it's a great value..... I would love to own one smiley

simpsonjp's picture

The DAC in my Toshiba laptop is causing my teeth to jitter! I need the Arcam rDAC to ease my pain.

Ken-ophile's picture I am entering the contest, but I've never won a contest ever before in my life... Truly sad.  Well, maybe this time...

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Thanks for the opportunity.

npsquire1's picture

College students need all the help they can get, winning this would be awesome!

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OMG... I was actually thinking about buying one of these things!

Demondog's picture

The Arcam rDAC is a great example of the great budget DACs that are available these days. It would make a nice addition to a lot of peoples systems, including mine.

davidmcc's picture

This would be a great DAC in my system.

ssimon's picture

Send one ASAP!

Pilotxerau's picture

I am a die hard Stereophile fan!

otaku's picture

Should be much better than the cheapo C-Media I'm using now.

denial's picture

In! Can't wait to try it out ;)

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I would love to own a DAC

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I've had my eye on one of these for a while. 

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looks sweet!!  would love to win this

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would love to have that as my first DAC

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Pick me, pick me!!

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I'm in for one of those.  Thanks

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Been looking for a quality dac for a while...this was on the list

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Count me in!

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Would be great to try out this dac. 

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Please consider me entered!

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I WANT one of that

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I've been looking for a nice DAC.  This would be great!

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Alright, fellow commentors. It's on.

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count me in!

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As a poor college student and aspiring audiophile I could use all the help I can get!

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Another toy? I'm in.

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you bet I do

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My hearing will improve...

nobirth's picture

Arcam's are nice

battermoose11's picture

I have never had a separate dac.I wonder how much difference it would make????

katie's picture

...enter me in the drawing.

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I want to join the crowd and try my luck. Thanks for the opportunity to win this DAC.

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rDAC please!!!

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Thanks Guys!  This is just what I need in my setup.

Hope I'm the winner!


texanalog's picture

Hope that I win! Really need a audiophile grade DAC!

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I'm in !

My ears need it :)

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I need this! My old usb dac has started making hissing sounds!

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Send it to Me!

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Love to have it

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Yes please!

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I would be honored to receive such a gift.  (I can hope, can't I?)

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The future is now. 1 please.

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Would love to win this great DAC to complete my system.

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Enter me in the sweepstakes!

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In Search of...a new DAC!

prof's picture

Interesting ...

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Consider me entered!

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Ummmm, shiney.

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I love free stuff. Free audio stuff is the best.

cap's picture

Mmmm, new daccheeky.

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... I'd love to win too.

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This is exactly what I have been looking for.smiley

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Good luck to all...but I'm afraid I'll be the one taking it home  smiley

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Looks like a great product.  Please enter my name!

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I want it ! :)

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I have just the spot for this beauty!

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would love to win this.'s picture

woo hoo i wanna win!!!

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Count me in!

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sweet - winning a new DAC from Arcam!

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Since I don't have one now it would be a great addition to my system


Good listening


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I really like its look, and I have heard it sounds pretty good as well.

Justav's picture

Now where do I find a link to the review? Looks are there, but how is the sound?

jonnyz2's picture

I'd love one!  Hope to win1

kam's picture

That is an appealing DAC.  The new toys have been few and far between since the kids came along!

Chigo's picture

Great sweepstakes. Thanks Stereophile!

himynameisjuan's picture

[insert generic "I'm a broke teenager who can't afford a DAC" comment here.]

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Nikmilkov's picture

Is it better to have a CD player or a transport and a DAC. Having had always players now I would try to split the components.

Nikmilkov's picture

Is it better to have a CD player ( two in one) or a transport and a DAC. Having always had players now I would try to split the components.

sumbuba's picture

Would need to find room on the rack, but definitely worth it.

corrective_unconscious's picture

Another thing to be plugged in.

full1nelson's picture

Here's hoping I can get a DAC way out of my price range

ddharman's picture

I have been looking to update my DAC, this will do nicely.

Vogelhaus's picture

Sounds like it might be good enough to peel me away from my analog source! Count me in

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Please send it to me! Thanks in advance.

HaroldL's picture

What a great component! Hope I win it!

schneidy's picture

Count me in!'s picture


MeCurious's picture

Thank you. My Logitech Squeezbox was looking for a DAC to complete it.

sophilobro's picture

I love me some digital to analog conversion.

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Looks like a nice piece of kit!

Alban's picture

Great piece of equipment.

Maxvla's picture

Sign me up! Love to see it duke it out with my Bifrost and see who's left standing.

kuroda99's picture

Great DAC.

good luck to everyone in the contest

Joejy2's picture

Hope I win. I want to hear what my music has to offer. 

JFHONGKONG's picture

In this age of digital music (nothing derogatory, just fact), we all need a decent DAC and this Arcam is going to be a godsend if I do win!

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Its my birthday, let me win!! :-D

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Being a Dutch, I always like free stuff :-)

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Nice DAC.

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...cause this dac's mine!!!


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Sign me up.

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Hope I'm the lucky one.

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What timing! Just want I need! It'll improve my modest system. Thanks.

miguelgguzman's picture

This DAC would be so useful for me to connect the Apple TV to my stero via the Arcam rDAC!

Thanks indeed.

Michael.Chernay's picture

One for work and home would be great!

goosse's picture

 One for home please

hwke's picture

Unfortunately, the "best" DAC i currently have is my laptop. "Best" should not be used to describe that high-pitched humming muddy rubbish but its all i've got :-(

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I'd like to try it. The next new thing.

snorin's picture

Sign me up.

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This rDAC needs a new home.... up north.....



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it would be swell!

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Love to have a modern DAC!

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Yes, it would be. 

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Enter the Sweeps anyway.

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Please give me this!

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I would love to win, thanks guys!

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Wow! A chance to win a new DAC. I don't have one, so that would be perfect. Please enter me. Thanks.

Mjbainer's picture

This would look and sound superb in our system. Bainer's groto would be the perfect resting place for this DAC 

nikotine's picture

Thanks for a chance to participate! I would love to win the Arcam DAC as an introduction to high end computer audio!

stereomag's picture

Long time reader of the magazine, When the local magazine store closed I have to read Stereophile on-line. Not as good as a hands on magazine but what can you do? I wish I could afford a DAC for my audio system. Maybe I can win one.

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I would love to be a winner!!

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This would be perfect, I want to buy this unit, and it'll go great with the Naim 5i I just bought.

ckeilin's picture

Another great sweepstakes!

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Hope one is coming my way!

kylewilliams1024's picture

This would be a huge upgrade,  looks cool, hope I win.

juanmtamayo's picture

I definitely want one of these!

Lennarts's picture

With my luck.... Really?

maelob's picture

Sign me up

jokeka's picture

Looks like it will fit on my rack.  SO, thanks. 

dannyb888's picture

This would be really useful for me right now.

Due to the crisis I had to sell my entire analog/digital front end, pre/power amp as well as my entire lp and cd collection.

The upside is computer audio is really improving by leaps and bounds. My current system is my desktop PC connected via Wireworld Ultraviolet to an HRT Musicstreamer II and a vintage Sansui 6060 reciever circa 1977. Speakers are the Wharfedale Diamond 10.1

The sound is really close to what I had before i.e. Clearaudio Solution/Kuzma Stogi Reference, Clearaudio Virtuoso, Audio Research PH3, Cayin CDT15a, Reference Line passive attenuator, Dynaco ST70II (heavily modified), Definitive Technology DR7 tower (heavily modified)Transparent and Nordost cables.

I'm surprised at how good computer audio is at the moment and I'm excited to find out how much better it can be.

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fullspeed's picture

You have to be mine!

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winner winner chicken dinner

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devil  would love to own this


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Count me in!

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Please enter me in the drawing. Thank you!

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One entry for me, please!

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This would be a nice addition to my current setup. It's just the thing I need for my music server.

EndersShadow's picture

Would love to own this one

Oliver A.'s picture

I'll take it.

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hwbthree's picture

I'm writing to you from here at the orphanage...looking into the eager faces of the children who have suffered for years with a brand x dac...they keep chanting: "Please kind sir, can we not listen to the computer music through an rDAC?" I'm choking back tears as I write this heart-felt plea-mail. I'm sure you will understand. Think of the children...

smitty72's picture

Just what I've been shopping for.

lwood's picture

sounds good! thenks

vozhyk87's picture

I am in.